CPDM crime syndicate exposed over fake election observer report 0

Cameroon radio and television, CRTV, the state broadcaster has been exposed by international rights group Transparency International, TI, over a report that the group’s observer team had ‘blessed’ the conduct of the October 7 presidential polls.

CRTV shared a video that purported to have observers with TI but the group in a press statement said it had not sent a team to observe the polls.  CRTV like Cameroon Tribune are used to perpetrate crimes against Southern Cameroonians far worse than the holocaust.  They are instruments of mass mobilization through falsehood, corruption of the popular conscience and the deification of the 85 year old dictator who has finally destroyed the tribal tolerance miraculously put in place by the late President Ahidjo. CRTV was and is the conduit through which egregious violations and crimes of unimaginable magnitude are perpetrated against British Southern Cameroonians.

It is the conduit through which fraud is celebrated and the flames of the North West/ South West divide are fanned.  It remains the voice of hate, sycophancy and intimidation. The question one may ask, is, who benefits from these crimes? The answer points to Paul Biya.

“Transparency International confirms that it has no international election observation mission in Cameroon. A recent television report featuring individuals described as working for Transparency International is false and untrue,” a statement read.

It is the most significant development surrounding the polls since opposition candidate Maurice Kamto declared that he had won a clear mandate from the people.

The former Biya minister had been dismissed by the government describing his move as irresponsible and illegal. Kamto’s coalition ally, Akere Muna, is a former TI top official. He resigned to contest the presidential polls but entered an alliance with Kamto less than 24-hours to the vote.

Voting closed in Cameroon in Sunday evening and counting of ballots started in earnest. Main opposition Social Democratic Front, SDF, vowed to police the counting and results declaration process.

But it is the declaration of victory by Maurice Kamto, a former Biya minister that has thrown the process into a state of shock. Kamto who led a two-party alliance involving famed lawyer Akere Muna said the goal of his party had been reached.

A summary of the issues he raised in his victory speech is as follows: Cameroonians have chosen to go down a historic path by voting out the incumbent. He has won a clear mandate and he is ready to defend firmly. Called on Paul Biya to make transition arrangement to avert needless post-poll crisis. His supporters can remain joyful and proud of the achievement.

The government reacted to the development with a series of controversial press conferences in Yaounde alluding to  electoral laws which suggest that it is an offence to declare oneself winner of the elections. A point that had been stressed by government in the run up to the vote.

A section of the Electoral System stipulates that the President of the Republic is elected for a seven-year term by universal suffrage and by direct, equal and secret ballot.

According to the Cameroon electoral code, the president is elected by a single-round majority ballot and the candidate having obtained the majority of the votes cast shall be declared elected.

It also states that election will not be complete until Cameroon’s Supreme Court rules on requests for annulment and announces the results.

Cameroonians voted on Sunday (October 7) in a key presidential election which could end or extend the 36-year rule of President Paul Biya, one of Africa’s longest serving leaders.