CPDM Crime Syndicate: What you should know about Biya and the Fotso family 0

President Biya recently ordered the release of 89 million 917 thousand 374 FCFA to settle a slate and deposit a provision for medical care and hospitalization cost for Yves Michel Fotso son of a French Cameroun billionaire.

Michel Fotso, sentenced twice to life imprisonment for embezzlement of public funds during his tenure as head of the Cameroon Airlines Company (Camair-Co) is currently receiving treatment in Morocco. Cameroon Concord News understands he was evacuated to the Arab Kingdom in August 2019.

According to a leaked document signed by Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Minister-Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic, Biya directed the recipient, notably the Minister of Finance, to put at the disposal of the defence attaché at the Cameroonian embassy in Rabat (Morocco), the sum of 89 million 917 thousand 374 FCFA to foot Michel Fotso’s medical bills.

The sum disbursed includes a clearance of the initial allocation of 17 million 879 thousand 914 FCFA and a settlement of the remaining hospitalisation cost of 31 million 352 thousand 841 FCFA.

The document also spoke of a provision to cover Michel Fotso’s cost of living in Morocco estimated at 40 million 684 thousand 619 FCFA.

The document aroused the indignation of Cameroonians who wondered aloud about the preferential treatment of a few privileged citizens including VIP prisoners while the vast majority languishes in misery and poverty.

By Rita Akana