CPDM malicious plot to stifle the ghost town operations uncovered 2

The government is reportedly doing everything to destroy the present Anglophone nationalism. Information has filtered that following a meeting that held in Yaoundé on Monday the 2nd of January, the the regime developed strategies which were handed down to highly placed Anglophone political elites. The vicious arrangements include:

  1. That all the political elites, Senators, MPs ,and Mayors of the ruling CPDM should jointly sign press releases and make public to their people asking them to denounce strike and go back to school on Monday.
  2. That instructions be given to all administrative authorities in the Anglophone regions to hold meetings latest Friday the 5th and send reports on the same day. Main agenda is to tell all education stake holders to get back to school on Monday.
  3. To use the media on Monday to cover schools reopening and show to the world that there is no Anglophone problem.
  4. Money allocated for this exercise are as follows:
  5. a) Governors of the South West and North West regions= 30.000,000 frs
  6. b) S.D.Os = 100.000,000 FRS each.
  7. c) D.Os = 150.000,000 FRS each.

That these amounts should be used as follows:

  1. Governors to use theirs for proper supervision of their respective regions
  2. SDOs to call meetings and ensure entrainment, transport to participants and tips to local media men and women.
  3. DOs to also call meetings and ensure entertainment, transport to participants and tips to local media gurus. Pay some money to some teachers, popular parents, traditional authorities and other Southern Cameroonians who will accept to denounce the strike on radio and television.

We gathered that a huge Francophone reward awaits constituencies and sub constituencies that will succeed to stifle the Southern Cameroons ghost town operation. Many of the Anglophone political elites have been promised appointments and promotions.