Douala pedophile teacher took girls virginity, then abused them several times 0

A primary school teacher suspected of having sexually abused almost all the girls in his classroom has been arrested in Douala

According to the girls’s testimonies, the paedophile teacher took them in groups. He touched them and forced them to practice oral sex to “have wisdom.”

Cameroon Intelligence Report understands that the principal and a teacher of the school knew about it, but did not speak about it to avoid a scandal.

The arrest of the paedophile teacher has revived the debate on sexual abuse of minors. For the past two days, the local media have been enjoying it and internet users have condemned the teacher.

Some demand that it be delivered to the mob.

He is a demon he deserves death for the good example of others“, writes a user.

Others believe that children are no longer safe anywhere.

“Our children are no longer safe. Whether it’s in the church, in the neighborhoods or in our homes. We have to protect them,” said another internet user.

The teacher will be brought before a judge and faces ten years in prison.

By Rita Akana with files