France blocking political solution to Southern Cameroons Crisis 0

A senior aide to the Vice President of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government has slammed the French government under President Macron saying Paris is hindering a political resolution of the conflict gripping British Southern Cameroons.

In a conversation on Thursday with Cameroon Concord News, Dr. Patrick Ayuk said, “Paris meddling in La Republique du Cameroun has led to the violation of Southern Cameroon’s national sovereignty through military acts of aggression by French surrogates in Yaoundé.”

The French brought Boko Haram to Nigeria, Niger and Chad including La Republique du Cameroun with itself to market Made in France military hardware in West Africa” he added.

Dr Patrick Ayuk said, “French policies in Africa have been a disaster in all aspects of livelihood and they are now preventing a political solution to the crisis in Southern Cameroons.”

The Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime launched a devastating military aggression against the people of Southern Cameroons four years ago in collaboration with the French who provided arms and logistics support.

The aim was to suppress the Southern Cameroons resistance and crush the Ambazonia Restoration Forces. The war has stopped well shy of all of its goals, despite killing of thousands of Southern Cameroonians and turning the entire Southern Cameroons homeland into the scene of Africa’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Ambazonia Restoration forces have gone from strength to strength against the French-backed French Cameroun invaders, and left the so-called Cameroon government military bogged down in Southern Cameroons.

By Isong Asu