French Cameroun: 3 dead, 16 seriously injured in road accident 0

At least three people died and 16 others were seriously injured on Wednesday in a road accident in Cameroon’s commercial capital Douala, according to the local government.

The accident happened when a truck missed track and collided head-on with a bus that was carrying 25 people, according to the sub-prefect of Douala IV sub-division, Jean-Marc Ekoa.

“Three people died on the spot. Thanks to the timely intervention of our forces of law and order, those who were injured were quickly rushed to the hospital. They are responding to treatment.” Ekoa said.

Police feared the death toll might increase because some of the injuries “are very serious”.

Formal inquiries have been opened to determine the exact cause of the accident, according to Ekoa.

Traffic accidents in Cameroon are mostly caused by overloading, bad condition of roads and reckless driving, according to security reports.

A recent official report by Cameroon’s Ministry of Transport said more than 1,000 deaths take place annually in Cameroon due to road accidents.

Source: Xinhuanet