French Cameroun: CPDM government celebrates “mixed” couples 0

After a failed national day celebration in both French and Anglophone Cameroon, the Biya Francophone regime is now brandishing the names of cabinet ministers who are married to women from outside their regions of origin as a major achievement and a justification that the nation is one and indivisible.  , L’Œil du Sahel news paper reportedly having strong ties with the regime in Yaounde revealed that Ministers Amadou Ali, Louis Paul Motaze, Baba Hamadou,  and the disgraced Marafa Hamidou Yaya including many other highly placed government officials are married to women from other regions.

The paper observed that the Francophone political elites view national integration in Cameroon with passion of the mind. L’Œil du Sahel made an incursion into the private lives of certain senior Francophone members of government among them Ministers, MPs, Senators and general managers of state owned corporations  who are sharing their lives with women from other regions and cultures.

The report revealed that Amadou Ali, the Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of Relations with the Assemblies, is married to Agnes Françoise Ali, born in Moukouri in the Littoral region. Amadou Ali is a Kanuri Muslim who went to look for a woman in a non-Muslim family in the Littoral, more than 1000 km from place of birth in Kolofata.

In another case, Louis Paul Motaze, the current Minister of Economy and former Secretary General at the Prime Minister’s Office is married to Aïssa, an Haoussa from the Logone and Birni Division in the Far North region whom he met in 1985. To be sure, Louis Paul Motaze and Aïssa Motaze will be celebrating 33 years in matrimony this year.

Senator Baba Hamadou originally from Ngaoundéré got married to Françoise Hamadou an Ewondo from Ngoumou. The couples have been married for 27years now.  In the same vein, the former minister today in prison, Marafa Hamidou Yaya has bonded with Jeannette, a Sawa from Banassama while Sports Minister Bidoung Mpkatt has Habissou Bidoung from the North.

By Rita Akana

Cameroon Concord News