French Cameroun: Maurice Kamto vows to intensify fight against injustice 0

A Cameroonian opposition leader who was released from jail on Saturday following a presidential amnesty has vowed to intensify his fight against electoral fraud and injustice in the country.

Prof Maurice Kamto, president of Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC) and more than a hundred militants of the political outfit were freed when President Paul Biya asked military tribunals in the country to halt their prosecution.

Addressing supporters at his Yaounde residence shortly after his release, the fearless opposition leader promised that “the real battle is yet to start.”

“A new chapter of our battle has just opened. If some people think that the release is the end of the battle, then they have not understood anything because we have not achieved anything from what we are demanding,” Kamto said.

On Friday, the Minister of State, Secretary General at the Cameroon Presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh said in a statement that president Biya had ordered their release as part of his “constant resolve to promote an atmosphere of peace, fraternity and concord.”

Friday’s decision followed a similar act a day before, discontinuing proceedings against some 333 detainees arrested in connection to the crisis that has engulfed the country’s two English speaking regions for over two years now.

Source: The East African