French Cameroun: Suicide bombing rocks Far North region 0

8 civilians were reportedly killed and 4 people seriously injured in an alleged Saturday attack by Boko Haram in the locality of Ouro-Kessoum, Mayo Sava Division, some few kilometers from Amchide, a neighboring town close to Nigeria.

A securing source in the Far North region that confirmed the Boko Haram suicide bombing, also said one Cameroonian service man was killed in the incident. A Cameroon military source also hinted of another suicide bomb attack carried out by suspected Boko Haram militants still on Saturday, August 5, 2017 at Waza in the Logon and Chari division that left the suicide bomber dead and 5 other civilians seriously injured.

The Far North Region of Cameroon, especially areas along the border with Nigeria, regularly experience significant violence, attributed to Boko Haram militants. While Boko Haram’s main stronghold is in Nigeria, the group has increase its attack along the Logon and Chari, Mayo Sava and Mayo Tsanaga Divisions of the Far North.

Source: Cameroon Info.Net