French Cameroun: Um Nyobe honored in Boumnyebel monument 0

A monument has been erected in honour of the late freedom fighter Ruben Um Nyobe in his village at Libellingoi Boumnyebel in a ceremony that held on the 13th of September 2017. Libellingoi Boumnyebel is located some 84 kilometres from Yaounde. The occasion was attended by many politicians in the company of the wife and son of the fallen hero, Mme Ngo Ndjock Y. Marie and Daniel Ruben Um Nyobe.

Speaking during the event, the Secretary General of the UPC party enjoined the youth to emulate the example of Ruben Um Nyobe. He regretted the fact that the freedom fighter did not live to see Cameroon gain her independence.
Ruben Um Nyobe was co- founder of the Cameroon People’s Union (UPC) on 10th April 1948. On 14th September 1958, the independence crusader was assassinated by the French army still in Libellingoi Boumyebel . On the 27th of June 1991, President Paul Biya promulgated the law on the rehabilitation of UPC martyrs as national heroes.

Ruben Um Nyobe was born on 13th September, 1913 in the Nyong and Nkelle Division in the centre region. He attended Presbyterian schools in the French occupied territory and worked as a civil servant in the Finance and judicial administration sectors.

He made several appearances at UN the headquarters in New York where he criticised French refusal to prepare Cameroon for independence or self government . His efforts paid off when the Trusteeship council issued a series of resolutions asking France to implement political reforms in French Cameroun. French Cameroon finally became independent on 1st January 1960.