Huge gap between statements from Biya Ministers and the reality on the ground in Ambazonia 0

The Biya Francophone policy towards the English speaking people of Southern Cameroons is failing completely and the reality reveals the depth of progress made by Ambazonian restoration forces despite Yaoundé’s efforts to maintain the present status quo.

Surprisingly, in the face of this fiasco, French Cameroun political elites continue to hold a questionable position on the armed struggle in Southern Cameroons while relying on an unrealistic old, frail and out-of-touch leader.

Continued military operations and deployments to Southern Cameroons, various covert operations, and thousands of arrests haven’t stopped the Southern Cameroons resistance nor changed the Ambazonia behavior, and it is now very doubtful if the Biya Francophone policy will succeed in the future.

There can never ever be a military solution to the crisis in Southern Cameroons. The concept of huge military presence in Southern Cameroons is no longer working! Weapons entering into Southern Cameroons from Nigeria illustrate this fact. President Buhari’s failures in Nigeria and his well documented hatred for the East region are providing Southern Cameroonians with help that they do not even need!! The arms flow will get worse in the days and weeks ahead.

The base for Yaoundé’s policy vis-a vis Anglophone Cameroon is still founded on the thought that Francophone’s are superior with their military might and the National Gendarmerie Force, even though Southern Cameroonians have achieved and excelled more than Francophones everywhere in the world and in every international establishment.

Southern Cameroonians have succeeded in overcoming significant financial barriers, especially in the West and North America. Their knowledge is now broad and they want French speaking Cameroonians to come to Southern Cameroons as partners and not as masters.

Moreover, according to Ground Zero voices, the quest for independence is now enjoying support in Southern Cameroons and, therefore, even if all the front line leaders are killed or arrested, it is unlikely that the struggle would be abandoned.

The bottom line is that Paul Biya’s French backed Anglophone Cameroon strategy is failing. We of the Cameroon Concord News Group think that there is a huge gap between the statements from Biya’s cabinet ministers and the reality on Ground Zero.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai