La Republique: Sebastian Cathedral closed following discovery of blood on Bishop Bala’s tomb 0

The judicial police in Bafia have sealed the Sebastian Cathedral following the discovery of blood precisely on the altar, the steps leading to the cathedral, the table that bears the liturgy and the tomb of the late Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala. Samples of the discovered blood was taken to Yaoundé for medical examination.

Cameroon Concord News can now confirm that the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Bafia was sealed by the competent authorities on Monday the 28th of August 2017. We also understand that following the closure of the cathedral, masses will now be celebrated at the Saint Paul Center.

According to the Canon Law, the reopening of the cathedral can only be carried out again after a decision from the Holy Father Pope Francis. The late Bishop Jean Benoit Bala was declared missing on the 31st of May 2017 and was found dead three days later in the waters of the Sanaga River. He was buried in the San Sebastian Cathedral of Bafia on the 3rd of August.

By Fru James
Cameroon Concord News