Little help on the horizon for France’s poor from Macron 0

Thirty-seven of France’s top charities issued a report on the fight against poverty, describing a situation which continues to dramatically worsen seemingly every year during the age of austerity.

The report called the Yellow Vest protests a, “long overdue expression of a real social unhappiness to the highest levels of society.” They noted that a majority of those who accessed their charity services supported the anti-government and anti-austerity movement.

The report found that the biggest problems the poor face are access to their legal rights, followed by decreased wages which are further compounded by inflation, isolation from society, poor health care and poor lodging.

There seems to be little help on the horizon for France’s poor from Macron. He has begun his unpopular efforts to roll back the pension system, with the unemployment system to be targeted next.

Right-wing economic austerity continues to cut social services just as the French need them more than ever, while also failing to produce the long-promised economic growth. Over the previous “lost decade” French inequality rates have soared even as their corporate profits have set records repeatedly.

Homelessness has hit new highs, as have evictions, while France has been repeatedly condemned internationally for failing to lift their small refugee population out of makeshift slums.

Source: Presstv