London: Sakerettes, Manyus to bid farewell to Mama Bessem Tataw 0

The United Kingdom Sakerrette alumni group acting as ambassadors and trusted advocates for Saker Baptist College and the Manyu community will bid a final farewell to Mama Mercy Bessem Tataw who passed away in London on April 10, 2021 at a ceremonial funeral on July 24, 2021 with the Manyu moningkim and ekpe groups set to fall silent to mark the passing of a prominent figure with sound personal achievements.

The ceremony that will be staged at Mill Hill Country Club, Burton Hole Lane, London will include some of Sakerrettes fabulous grandeur following the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions and a special corner for the custodians of the Manyu customs and traditions to honour her as wife of the late Commissioner Albert Tataw.

Speaking of the late Mama Mercy Bessem Tataw, Seseskou Isong Asu of the Ossing Kingdom who also moonlights as the Cameroon Concord News London Bureau Chief said he expects the funeral rites to resonate with dozens of Cameroonians in the UK as the late Mama Tataw lived with her daughter Mrs Vivian Mambo and her son in law Charles Mambo well known members of the Cameroonian community in the United Kingdom.

The entire event will be held within the walls of Mill Hill London NW7 1AB and the entire Cameroonian community have been asked to congregate at Mill Hill to show their respects.

Mama Mercy Bessem Tataw was a very popular, soft spoken mother and a dedicated Christian.

Attached to this report is the funeral program for the caring mother of Vivian, Mabel, Ethel, Daphne, Didier, Mercy, Mabi Gianna and Albert and 17 grandchildren.



Live streaming link:


Greenvue Venue

Mill Hill Country Club

Burton Hole Lane

Mill Hill



4PM Burial (Family only) at Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium

Holders Hill Road



With the relaxing of covid- 19 regulations, we still plead to everyone attending our mother’s funeral to respect government guidelines on Covid-19 and Public Health England advice.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai