Madrid-Catalan Crisis: We don’t like the King of Spain coming here, says protester in Barcelona 0

Hundreds of Catalan separatist supporters staged a pot-banging protest in Barcelona on Sunday (October 3) against the presence of Spanish royal family which is due to attend the Princess of Girona Awards ceremony on Monday (October 4).

Demonstrators gathered peacefully at Diagonal avenue, outside the venue where Spain’s King Felipe and his family will attend the event, chanting, banging pots and pans and showing signs against the Spanish monarchy.

“We are here in this demonstration because we don’t like the king of Spain coming here like it was one of the places of his kingdom,” said Jordi, a protester and filmmaker who attended the protest.

Catalan police prepared an special security plan and shielded the venue entrances.

Barcelona has witnessed a series of pro-secession protests since October 14 when Spain’s Supreme Court sentenced nine politicians and activists to up to 13 years in jail for their role in a failed independence bid in 2017, prompting widespread anger in the region and sending shockwaves through Spain’s political landscape as the country heads for a general election on November 10.

(Source: Reuters)