Mamfe shooting: Conflicting reports, Hoaxes arise after tragedy 0

The Biya francophone regime has announced that 10 suspected Southern Cameroons terrorists were shot dead by the Cameroonian army in fighting in Mamfe, Manyu Division.  The Yaounde government stated that the “terrorists –secessionists” entered the country from Nigerian on board a speed boat.

The government statement also hinted of some arrests that were made at the Bombe-Bakundu weighing station with firearms and ammunition. According to military officials, the secessionists fired the first salvo killing a gendarme and wounding several others.  The Cameroonian forces fought back fiercely. The provisional balance sheet records from the regime revealed that at least 10 assailants were killed and several others neutralized and injured.

There are conflicting reports on last night incident in Mamfe with CIR sources saying that the bodies made public by troops loyal to the Biya regime where those of detainees who attempted to escape from the Mamfe Central prison when the shootings were going on.

The images of the so-called “terrorists-secessionists” were aired on state television without the ammunition they were carrying during the raids on the Mamfe gendarme station.  The attack occurred as a tribute ceremony to honour recently killed soldiers was underway in Buea.

We gathered that the Biya regime has blamed the attacks on the interim government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia headed by Sisuku Ayuk Tabe. For his part, President Ayuk Tabe told CIR that he has instructed the defense secretary to carry out an assessment of the happenings in Manyu. The Ambazonian leader reassured the Southern Cameroonian people that all options were on the table against the Biya French Cameroun regime.

By Sama Ernest