Martin Belinga Eboutou in Canada: How art the mighty fallen 0

Dr Martin Belinga Eboutou was a senior government official in the Biya regime. But the theft of part of the money intended to corrupt the President Buhari ethnic political cartel for the arrest and extradition of Ambazonian leaders from Nigeria, constrained Paul Biya to remove and conceal in his immediate proximity his longtime mystical devil worshipping soul mate Martin Belinga Eboutou for misappropriating a sizeable part of the booty putting Biya in conflict with Buhari.

Today, our senior intelligence officer in Yaoundé has confirmed that Dr Martin Belinga Eboutou and his family have fled La Republique du Cameroun and have reportedly taken up permanent residence in Canada. With age and poor health telling on him, the crime syndicate that was bankrolled by Martin Belinga Eboutou has awoken to the reality that at long last, its many criminal tentacles notwithstanding, its days of accountability for the impunity and international criminality are near.

A medical doctor who doubled as Martin Belinga’s chief strategist, in a phone call in Yaoundé confirmed he was out of the country and that even his wife has abandoned her duty post at the University of Yaoundé and joined him in Canada.

Martin Belinga Eboutou singlehandedly created the French Cameroun Special Operation Unit that has been consistently used to eliminate real and perceived enemies or former allies to protect the devilish world of the crime syndicate in power in Yaoundé. This is the unit that was deployed to abduct and assassinate the Bishop of Bafia in French Cameroun.

Sources said the Belinga Eboutou family had fled together with some other former powerful stakeholders of the CPDM regime. Belinga’s departure followed the deaths of Foumane Akame, a long time acolyte to President Biya and General Asso Beniot of the Cameroon army.

It was unclear just when the Belingas left for Canada.  French Cameroun newspapers reported recently that Biya persuaded Belinga Eboutou to travel to France for a medical mission before firing him. There was no official word from Yaoundé on the whereabouts of this once powerful political man at the time of writing this report. “A prominent man, his wife and kids are certainly no longer in Cameroon. We believe they have fled because of the chaotic developments in the ruling Essingan clan,” a source said.

Our sources said some of the soldiers, who worked as agents of the French Cameroun Special Unit have also fled, while President Biya was said to have arrested several former senior officials from the Far North region after the failed political rally in Maroua.

Dr Martin Belinga Eboutou was the backbone of Biya’s continued stay in power but relations between Biya and his kinsman have since soured, in part over his portfolio in the cabinet and over accusations of money for government appointments.

Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that Belinga Eboutou complaint bitterly before his last trip to France that first lady Chantal Biya had surrounded the head of state with relatives.

By Pierre Onana in Yaounde