Moderator Fonki Samuel is sleeping with so many women in the PCC 0

While her husband (the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon) never takes her for his trips abroad or away from Buea, there are now allegations that Pastor Fonki Samuel continues to have sexual encounters with several ladies in the church.

Cameroon Intelligence Report has gathered from very reliable sources deep within the PCC hierarchy that Rev Dr Perpetual Fonki is aware of the social crimes of her moderator husband and how the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon uses the Church house as a sexual cave and painting his behaviour as a divine command.

Moderator Samuel Fonki is a known pastor who is not really a believer in Jesus Christ. He reportedly bribed to be elected to the position of Moderator and many Protestants were deceived into believing in him and believing in his work.

His counseling sessions mostly in expensive hotels in Douala are administered in privacy with women and in the absence of Dr Perpetual Fonki, the so-called Communications Secretary of the PCC in Cameroon.

Apparently, there are many women who have complete access to the Moderator’s libido with the most prominent being Rev Mary Wose of the PCC Kumba” a member of the Presbyterian Church who asked not to be named told Cameroon Intelligence Report.

The Moderator has been having sexual intercourse with many women in the PCC! Having sex in his office and the women are more than we can count. He has slept with almost all the women in the PCC” a retired Pastor tearfully hinted Cameroon Intelligence Report.

Our London Bureau Chief Isong Asu is currently investigating claims that Moderator Fonki Samuel may have slept with even minors.

A chartered member of PCC Mulheim in Germany was heard murmuring privately that “Moderator Fonki makes these desperate women think it’s all a spiritual direction from God. He appoints them to top positions in the PCC and employs some of them to teach in Presbyterian primary and secondary schools. He never attends any official function with his wife and even travels abroad with his mistresses and in some cases he has women kept for him by his acolytes upon arrival.”

His corrupt Synod feels boldly strong about his atrocious activities. No one in the current PCC hierarchy sees anything wrong with Moderator Fonki. It is like Presbyterians are giving what belongs to Caesar to Caesar.

Moderator Samuel Forba Fonki is having his fair share of free sex and there is never a day without a mention about the PCC Moderator’s keeping of multiple sexual partners and using his corrupt influence to elevate them into influential positions such as female Pastors, Chairperson of congregations, CWF leaders, Accountants or members of the Synod.

Today, women constitute 90% of the members of the Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon- majority of who are likely his sex slaves.

Cameroon Intelligence Report understands, Moderator Fonki uses church money for the upkeep of his ladies. Mr. Fonki has friends in Europe and USA who make sure that during his fake Pastoral visits the PCC Moderator has multiple women during his stay in expensive hotels paid with funds from the congregations. During his foreign trips, these women take turns in cooking and serving him at his hotel.

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group have never ever seen the Moderator and with his wife in public.  There is no photo in our archives where you will see the Moderator in any public event with his wife and children.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai