National Dialogue: French Cameroun on its way to collapse 0

A senior commander of the Manyu Odeshi Warriors says the French Cameroun regime is on its path toward catastrophic collapse because of various weaknesses that are intrinsic to it revealed by the so-called Grand National dialogue and other Francophone forces that seek its annihilation from abroad.

General Tambe Tambe made the remarks in an audio message aired from Eyumojock immediately after the burial of late General James Tataw saying the late Anglophone army general and the Manyu politicians in the KNDP and CUC auctioned Southern Cameroons to a country that lacked every constituent elements of a creditable and official political system.

Cameroon Concord News understands that the Ambazonia revolution and many internal problems including issues that are nagging the Biya Francophone regime and its acts of mischief in the Federal Republic of Nigeria have galvanized even the French Cameroun Diaspora against it.

The Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime no longer has a strong, deep-rooted and sustainable economy, nor has its roots deep in the rich Southern Cameroons land including the Bakassi Peninsular. The Yaoundé regime currently has many enemies in the CEMAC region with Equatorial Guinea planning to erect a Berlin Wall on its border with French Cameroun.

The commander of the Manyu Odeshi Warriors also pointed out that the French Cameroun confrontation with Ambazonia Restoration Forces has exposed the Cameroon government military.

By Rita Akana