President Trump’s ally accuses cabinet members of plotting a coup 0

Some people within the US President Donald Trump’s cabinet have discussed removing their boss from power, a close ally of the Republican president claims.

Roger Stone, a long-time associate of Trump, said during an interview over the weekend that the rebels were plotting to out Trump by invoking the 25th Amendment of the US constitution.

“I have sources,” Stone told C-SPAN. “And yes, I believe there are some who have had this discussion. This is both outside the cabinet and in.”

“There is a plan afoot that is broader than just the cabinet. The 25th Amendment requires a majority of the cabinet and the vice president [to remove the president],” he added, noting that he would “probably report that fully at some point.”

The 25th Amendment defines outlines for the transition of power in case the president is unable or unfit to serve.

Since ratification, the amendment has been invoked six times, with the most far-reaching use being in 1973, when then President Richard Nixon nominated Representative Gerald Ford to replace then Vice President Spiro T. Agnew, who had resigned.

Continuing his wild statements, Stone said removing Trump was a fallback plan for “the establishment.”

“And I have always thought this is plan B for the two party duopoly that has run this country into the ground,” he argued.

“This is not a conspiracy theory… There are members of the cabinet who have had this discussion. Let me just leave it at that,” the conservative lobbyist continued.

Trump and his team are currently under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has been appointed to see into reports that the president has “colluded” with Russia before and after winning last year’s election.

While millions of people have signed various online petitions calling for Trump’s removal, the prospect of an impeaching seems far-flung given that Republicans maintain majority in both chambers of Congress.


Source: Presstv