Protest held to back jailed Catalan independence politicians in Barcelona 0

A demonstration in support of the Catalan leaders who were jailed after the failed independence bid in October 2017 was held in Barcelona on Friday.

A woman holds a placard reading “Freedom for political prisoners” in Barcelona during a demonstration in support of jailed Catalan pro-independence leaders. (AFP)

Activists and supporters gathered in the center of the Catalan capital, just eleven days before the trial against the Catalan separatists is set to begin.

Volunteers carried Catalonia flags and banners, while a number of them were seen climbing a ladder up to the balcony of the European Union Commission offices, where they hanged a banner reading ‘Self-determination is a right, not a crime’.

President of the Catalan National Assembly Elizenda Paluzie said: “A group of members of the Catalan national assembly, have entered the headquarters of the representation of the European Union here in Catalonia, and have delivered a letter to Jean-Claude Junker and Ferran Tarradellas, who is the head of the representation of the European Union here in Barcelona, in which we denounce all the violations of fundamental rights that have occurred since the first fragrant violation, namely the police violence during the referendum on the first of October.”

Spain’s prosecutor is seeking prison terms of up to 25 years for 12 Catalan politicians on charges of rebellion and misuse of public funds, after the failed attempt at breaking away from Spain in 2017.