Runway lights malfunction disrupts operation at Douala International airport 0

Air travelers have been warned that a “technical issue” affecting lighting at Cameroon’s largest airport, Douala International Airport, will affect their journeys, a government official said on Thursday.

Cameroon’s Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe said, there had been a problem with the lighting on the runways.

“The malfunctions are linked to an insulation fault of cables,” Ngalle Bibehe said in a statement on Thursday.

“This situation had as a direct consequence the postponement of certain flights departing from this airport and the unfolding of other flights which were to land there, thus causing disruptions in the operating programs of the airlines,” he added.

The minister assured that competent authorities were actively working to ensure normal activities resume at the airport in the shortest possible time.

Source: Xinhuanet