Senator Mafany Musonge,South West Yaounde CPDM gang told to respect Section Presidents 0

The unending internal wrangling, unhealthy rivalry, bitterness and hatred common of the ruling CPDM party was brought to the limelight at a ceremony to officially commission the newly appointed regional and divisional delegation leaders of the South West.  While installing the so called Regional Head of the CPDM South West region in the person of Senator Peter Mafany Musonge, the Secretary General of the Central Committee, Jean Nkwete tasked Musonge to reunite the party and restore its credibility in the region.

Cameroon Intelligence Report understands the new CPDM curriculum seems to have rendered the all powerful Section Presidents redundant. However, Secretary Jean Nkwete sounded a note of caution to the newly installed regional and divisional heads not to relegate section presidents and become party bosses.

The CPDM Scribe noted that the party bosses would remain the section presidents. Jean Nkuete emphasized on party discipline for success in future political consultations. The Biya acolyte revealed that the primordial function of the divisional delegations was strictly coordination. CPDM mayors were told to work in close collaboration with the section presidents.

Cham Victor Bama (CIR)