Situation in Southern Cameroons similar to lead-up to the KNDP Crisis 0

A senior Ambazonian official has hit out at CPDM Southern Cameroons elite for fraternizing President Biya and his Francophone regime in Yaoundé.

There are two approaches among the people of Southern Cameroons. The majority resists the occupying French Cameroun regime, but the other front, namely the CPDM Southern Cameroons elites and AGOVC, are La Republique du Cameroun’s mercenaries” Dr. Patrick Ayuk, a member of the Dabney Yerima-led Ambazonia Interim Government told Cameroon Concord News on Monday.

The first front, Dr. Patrick Ayuk said, is ready to make all sacrifices to expel the occupying Biya French Cameroun regime from the entire Federal Republic of Ambazonia, but the latter does not believe in the liberation of Southern Cameroons.

The senior Dabney Yerima adviser said the current situation in Southern Cameroons is similar to the lead-up to the KNDP crisis of 1963 after French Cameroun secret agents had murdered the Secretary General Zacharia Abendong.

The French Cameroun anti KNDP operation saw the emergence of ST Muna and his group that eventually auctioned Southern Cameroons.

The occupying French Cameroun regime says it is committed to the status quo of a one and indivisible Cameroon and nothing will change about it.

Dr. Patrick Ayuk furthered that the Southern Cameroons diaspora failure to back up Ground Zero in the face of the French Cameroun military onslaught is delaying the mission to Buea.

By Isong Asu