Southern Cameroons Crisis: Michael Mbi Oruh, chief facilitator of French Cameroun military killings in Mkpot Village 0

In 2017, the US-based Ambazonia Interim Government (The IG), banned French Cameroun’s ruling political party, the CPDM, in the Southern Cameroons. The IG advanced that the CPDM is a syndicate with links to organized crime and terrorism. Since that historic pronouncement from The IG, many Southern Cameroonian criminals have moved base to French Cameroun for fear of facing Southern Cameroon’s free and fair legal system. One of such self-exiled creatures is a certain Michael Mbi Oruh, a fully paid-up member of the CPDM crime syndicate who unscrupulously usurped the throne as Chief of Mkpot village in Manyu County on Saturday 7 April 2007.

Since the declaration of Ambazonia independence in October 2017, he has played a role as a principal facilitator of extrajudicial killings and other crimes against humanity by the French Cameroun savage military in a place he ironically calls his village- Mkpot. Mr. Orock Thomas Enow and Mr. Tambe John Ojongmbang are his latest innocent victims that were shot and killed in summary execution-style in the early hours of Sunday 20 December 2020 in Mkpot village in Manyu County. Before their extermination, this illegal and criminal Chief of Mkpot and his numerous informants led by Mr. Egbe John Besong on different occasions, orchestrated and facilitated the extrajudicial killings of Mr. Ako Benedict Ako, Mr. Bate Joseph aka Best Joe, Mr.Ayuk Peter Nayongoh, Mr. Awa Armstrong, Mr. Besong Valderama Takor, and Manyor Ntui by the French Cameroun military.

Chief Michael Mbi Oruh, a common criminal and a career liar with deception oozing from every word he utters and action he takes, attained his traditional title through the support of French Cameroun’s dubious colonial administrators. The fake master’s degree holder and former stooge at the Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Development of French Cameroun dubiously took over the throne with the aid of the colonial Divisional Officer of Eyumojock after the death of Chief Emmanuel Agbor Akat, who died under suspicious circumstances in 2002. He was imposed on the people of Mkpot by DO Divine Kamara Kamara as per Protectoral Order No 045/2006 duly signed by the Prefect of Manyu Division.

Chief Michael Mbi Oruh was seen by many as the prime suspect in the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate death of the late Chief Emmanuel AgborAkat. Michael Mbi Oruh was not the natural and rightful person to succeed the late chief but was forced to represent his selfish interest and that of his CPDM masters at all cost against the will of the people and ancestors of Mkpot. By his criminal activities since sitting on the throne, the legitimate concerns of our ancestors and the people of Mkpot are unfortunately coming to fruition.

Michael Mbi Oruh and other members of the CPDM crime syndicate shamelessly confessed to the media immediately after his installation that he is not the rightful person to succeed Chief Akat but he had to take charge. “I thank God I have been chosen because according to the tradition it is not the time for my family to be Chief. By all standards, I am not supposed to be Chief” Mbi Oruh confessed to Elvis Tah of Postnewsline. “I thank God for him, because, just as he said, his family had no legitimate chance to the throne” DO Divine Kamara Kamara concurred.

Immediately after his installation as chief of Mkpot, Michael Mbi Oruh embarked on full-blown greed, deceit, abuse, and exploitation of the inhabitants of his village. This wretched piece of misery manipulated poor villagers and took over their building lands, agricultural properties especially cocoa, coffee, and palm plantations for little or no returns, thus depriving many of any sustainable source of livelihoods. The Ambazonian war of independence provided an opportunity for many indigenes of Mkpot to free themselves from increasing servitude under Chief Mbi Oruh and the CPDM hegemony. However, it also presented a golden opportunity for this malicious, first-division stationary bandit to use the savage French Cameroun military to exterminate those who protested against his forced and ill-gotten enthronement as the chief of Mkpot.

Indigenes of Mkpot village supporting the legitimate and inalienable right to self-determination of the people of Southern Cameroons have been attacked persistently by the savage marauding military of French Cameroun with the help of this illicit chief. He has successfully worked with his well recruited malicious team of informants to ensure proper coordination and execution of a series of invasions leading to gruesome extrajudicial killings of those he considers are in support of the Southern Cameroons cause. Some of these evil invasions have resulted in extensive damage to homes, properties, and the loss of many lives.

Civil society organizations operating in and out of the Southern Cameroons have taken the responsibility and challenge to file a series of evidence-based reports to international humanitarian institutions and agencies against Chief Mbi Oru has one of the representatives of Paul Biya’s oppressive and repugnant regime. Michael Mbi Oruh is perpetrating genocide, systematic ethnic cleansing, and other forms of crimes against humanity in Southern Cameroons and the long arm of justice is on his case.

Ambazonian Restoration forces have decided to take tougher actions against self-imposed colonial chiefs like Mbi Oruh, currently orchestrating and facilitating French Cameroun’s military extermination activities in Manyu County and other Ambazonian communities. Ambazonian Restoration Forces have now not only banned Chief Michael Mbi Oruh from entering any part of Ambazonia including Mkpot village, they have also reaffirmed their determination and commitment to take the sword to Chief Mbi Oruh and his cronies currently hiding in Yaoundé and other French Cameroun cities.

Except for those who prefer to negotiate with the evidence, the verdict from Mkpot is overwhelming that Michael Mbi Oruh is a criminal and an enemy of the Ambazonia people. By his actions over the last thirteen years and by being directly linked to numerous executions in his village over the last three years, he has vindicated his credentials as a monument of absurdity and evil. Michael Mbi Oruh is a clear and obvious danger to the people of Mkpot and Ambazonia and he must be brought to justice.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with Intelligence Files from Eyumojock