Southern Cameroons Crisis: South West Governor suffers a stroke 0

Cameroon Intelligence Report has been reliably informed that the governor of the South West Region of Cameroon, Bernard Okalia Bilai, has moved out of his official government residence in Buea for fear of his life. The governor and his family have taken up temporal residence in Douala where he now commutes to Buea for work. The man who went on record for calling Anglophones dogs and terrorists had a strange manifestation at his official residence in Buea before he moved out for his safety.

We gathered that the “Odeshi Boys” stormed his residence last month and cautioned him to leave or face death within seven days. The loudmouth self-made macho pleaded for his life and spinelessly complied. The ailing governor who recently suffered a stroke has left his official abode which is currently being occupied by his kitchen staffs, security guards and cleaners.

It’s a massive setback for the government of La Republique as he is regarded within as a colossal figure who has the clout to impart fear and terror on the people in his region. As the resistance in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon continue to gain momentum and direction, his poor health and sudden fear for his life is a grave concern to Yaoundé. Some of his staff say they have noticed a considerable change in the governor’s countenance. “The thug who drilled considerable fear and verbal abuse into us when he was around the office has been suddenly very pleasant” said a worker who elected anonymity.

We must put on record that he was behind the decision to sever internet services in the Anglophone regions in Cameroon. His arrogance and obstinacy has seen him engage in unapologetic public name-calling of Anglophones. Suffering from a stroke, the ever increasing pressure from strong-minded Ambazonians and the encounter last month might just be proving too vicious a pill for this tyrant to swallow.

Sama Ernest in Buea