Southern Cameroons Crisis: Yerima, Amba Intel Chief discuss ways to achieve final victory 0

Top leaders of the Southern Cameroons struggle have reportedly exchanged views on the latest Ambazonia gains against the Cameroon government military and ways to achieve ultimate victory against the Biya French Cameroun occupying regime.

En route to Brussels on Tuesday for a meeting on the latest developments related to the war in Southern Cameroons, the Vice President of the Ambazonia Interim Government Dabney Yerima had a telephone conversation with the Ambazonia Intelligence Chief in Ground Zero.

Cameroon Concord News gathered that during the conversation, the two front line leaders spoke frankly on the situation in Bui and Otu in Eyumojock and its repercussions on the Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé.

Southern Cameroons Self Defense Groups based in Ground Zero launched a counter offensive following heavy deployment of Cameroon government troops to Bui and Otu in Eyumojock. Soldiers loyal to the Biya Francophone regime turned a deaf ear an earlier ultimatum from the Ambazonia Interim Government and kept assaulting innocent Southern Cameroons civilians.

The Southern Cameroons was one of the territories set for decolonization in the context of the UN decolonization agenda. Britain’s devious handling of it and the British wheeling and dealing at the UN in 1959 and 1960 caused a great historical injustice to the people of the Southern Cameroons. That injustice continues to cry out for redress. British action resulted in the unconscionable imposition of an unnecessary and precipitated plebiscite with dead-end alternatives. Speaking through Lord Perth, Britain shamefully said the Southern Cameroons and its people were “expendable”.

The plebiscite was imposed in the teeth of opposition by the leadership of the trust territory. It offered a Hobson’s choice of ‘joining’ either Nigeria or French Cameroun. The internationally-prescribed political status option of sovereign independence was deliberately excluded. There was no good reason for doing so. On 11 February 1961, a skewed plebiscite was foisted on the people of the Southern Cameroons. Faced with the Hobson’s ‘choice’ that was forced down their throat, the people opted for independence in political association with Republique du Cameroun. It was agreed in writing between the two countries and to the knowledge of Britain and the UN, that the political association would take the form of an aggregative federation of two states, equal in status.

In 1972 Republique du Cameroun despotically ended the subterfuge of a federation and formerly annexed the territory of the Southern Cameroons as part of its territory. The Government of the Southern Cameroons was dismissed and its parliament dissolved along with the police and the public service of the federated state. All property, including artefacts, official documents and other archives, belonging to the Government of the Southern Cameroons was vandalized, destroyed in situ or carted to Yaoundé and simply burnt to ashes. The reason for this barbarianism was to erase any memory of the Southern Cameroons as a congener of statehood. Republique du Cameroun however continued to camouflage it’s predatory and expansionist politics under the cloak of what it instituted as so-called ‘United Republic of Cameroun’.

By Chi Prudence Asong