Southern Cameroons death toll during National Dialogue tops 67 0

More than 60 Southern Cameroonians have died in both the Southern and Northern zones of Ambazonia ever since French Cameroun dictator Paul Biya announced the so-called Grand National Dialogue.

Cameroon government army soldiers have murdered innocent Southern Cameroons citizens in Bafut, Weh, Akwaya, Ekok, Eyumojock, Tombel, Kumba and Ndian. The Ambazonia Interim Government says a bleak milestone of a hundred will be reached when figures from Bali, Batibo and Kendem will be made public.

The Ambazonia Vice President Dabney Yerima is expected to address Southern Cameroonians late today and will urgently call for an increase in self-defense actions from Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces including the creation of a UN/AU fact finding mission.

At least 4,000 Southern Cameroons have lost their lives since President Biya declared war on Ambazonians.

By Sama Ernest