Southern Cameroons human rights situation worsens as AU, EU unconcerned 0

The Ambazonia Interim Government has warned about the significant deterioration of human rights in Southern Cameroons, stating that the absent of international pressure on the Biya Francophone administration has emboldened the French Cameroun ruling CPDM crime syndicate not to shy away from its heavy-handed genocidal campaign and crackdown on Southern Cameroonians.

Vice President Dabney Yerima who is expected to begin a world tour aimed at mobilizing Southern Cameroonians from all the nooks and crannies of the planet said yesterday that the Federal Republic of Ambazonia is now clearly sliding in a new and very dangerous direction.

Comrade Dabney Yerima observed during this week’s briefing on the state of the Southern Cameroons revolution that the French Cameroun military was demonstrating a fairly weak level of restraint with the sole intention of deceiving the international community.

The Ambazonia second-in-command appealed to the United States and Britain to wield their influence on the French government of Emmanuel Macron and stop the killing of hundreds of Southern Cameroons civilians.

Pro Yaoundé human rights groups have also acknowledged that the situation in Southern Cameroons has deteriorated and there are renewed reports of torture in detention and military courts in Douala and Yaounde are now trying Southern Cameroons civilians.

Dabney Yerima also said that the Ambazonia Interim Government was seriously worried about the health of Southern Cameroons imprisoned leaders. Recently, alarming signals have multiplied regarding calls for unity within the Southern Cameroons diaspora.

By Asu Isong in London