Southern Cameroons War: Manyu Advisory Committee elects Sisiku Dr Peter Ako as Chairman 0

Manyu Advisory Committee (MAC)

We wish to bring to your knowledge the following important announcement

On the 30th of September 2018, the Manyu Advisory Committee (MAC) met in an extraordinary session and after two rounds of voting and intensive questioning, to unanimously vote Sissiku Dr. Peter Ako as the Chairman and Spokesperson to represent Manyu County.

By this announcement, Sissiku Dr. Peter Ako shall henceforth become the undisputed face of both the Manyu Advisory Committee and the entire Manyu County. He is the only person to present every final, credible and official policy position of the Manyu Advisory Committee and Manyu County during this revolution.

On this note therefore, and in the spirit of oneness, solidarity and clarity, we the people of Manyu County do make it known to all our partners within this Revolution and the world in general that we throw our full support behind Sissiku Dr. Peter Ako as the sole representative voice of Manyu County.

We consequently ENDORSE Sissiku Dr. Peter Ako and strongly encourage all Manyu citizens at home and abroad to lend their support and rally behind his charismatic leadership, and through our collective endorsement prove to the world that in him, we have what it takes to project the image and aspirations of Manyu County as a formidable partner and stakeholder among the 13 Counties of this Revolution.

God Bless Manyu County.


The Manyu Advisory Committee