The Ambazonia Revolution: The distinguishing policies that define our unique identity 0

Cameroon Concord News correspondents in Mamfe, reported that Justice Martin Mbeng, a retired Judge of the Court of Appeal in Buea Southern Cameroons was released after interrogation by Ambazonia Forces operating in the Manyu operational sector of Ambazonia revolutionary liberation war.   He was arrested a few days ago in his native Ewelle village in Manyu County of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and taken for interrogation. His release after interrogation by Ambazonia Forces highlights a determination by the fighting forces of Ambazonia to do no harm to civilians in the prosecution of the war. Cameroon Concord News applauds this principled policy.

The release of Justice Martin Mbeng like that of Professor Leke Tambo by the Red Dragons of Lebialem before, critically portray a determination by these forces to make a clear distinction between enemy forces and civilians who may not be taking active part in the war and crimes against citizens of the Republic of Ambazonia. This policy decision was clearly established by His Excellency Sisiku Ayuk Tabe the President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and reiterated by the Acting President His Excellency Samuel Sako. The Communication Secretary of the Interim Government Hon Chris Anu in decrying the execution of a civilian French Cameroun senior servant of Ambazonia nationality on the orders of a commander of one of the Ambazonia fighting forces reminded citizens of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia that we embarked in this self defense liberation war promising to protect civilians without a discriminatory basis in the prosecution of the war against our enemy, French Cameroon. The liberation of Martin Mbeng as that of leke Tambo is consistent with this principled policy commitment. We of this group of publication strongly endorsed the policy of the Interim Government and the widely acclaimed statements of Hon Chris Anu. Cameroon Concord News Group holds the considered position that the preservation of the sanctity of human life must be a sacred commitment of all.

In the light of this demonstrable policy which accords with the principles of international law and practices of civilized nations, Cameroon Concord News  and Cameroon Intelligence Report deems it necessary to once more highlight the history of international criminality on which French Cameroun was founded. This distinguishing criminal policy clearly defines French Cameroun’s identity and markedly distinguishes it from the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. The perpetual distinction between the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and French Cameroun lies in the premium placed by Ambazonia on the protection of civilians not participating in French Cameroun’s genocide war against Ambazonia and French Cameroun’s policy of cowardly criminal annihilation of armless civilians.  For example, while Ambazonia liberation forces arrested, interrogated and released, Professor Leke Tambo, Justice Martin Mbeng and other civilians, French Cameroun and its criminal collaborators like George Tabetando, kidnapped and executed in cold blood seven Ambazonia civilians in Kendem, Manyu County. In another cowardly act, a very desperate French Cameroun regime faked the abduction of foreign citizens who were controlled, protected and given safe passage by well-disciplined Ambazonia forces hoping to use the blackmail to obtain an adverse European Union resolution against the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and its revolutionary war of liberation. This criminal government network of kidnappers for ransom in French Cameroun and the immediate ethnic inner cycle of the Buhari government in Nigeria masked in the fight against Boko Haram superintended by this network are well documented. The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has expressly outlawed the abduction of foreign nationals and has consistently condemned the abduction of its President and members of its Interim Government by the criminal network in Nigeria and French Cameroun.  The plethora defining and distinctive irreconcilables between French Cameroun and the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, make life together in any form impossible.

One of the virtues of having a functional Interim Government is to enable the Federal Republic of Ambazonia to have a structured government to define, determine and direct our collective and individual actions in a manner that would clearly distinguish us from the brutal criminal enemy from which we have moved away. French Cameroun was built on the blood of its nationalists and citizens who sought true independence from the criminal French colonial empire of despair and death.  For fifty-six years, the economy of the Southern Cameroons has been raped, looted, pillaged and devastated to sustain the economy of the French colonial vampire.

The escalation of the fifty-six-year war of genocide against the Federal Republic of Ambazonia was determined by a declaration of war made by the French criminal colonial enforcement agent Paul Biya on his return from Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire where he went to brief and obtain permission from the visiting French President.  It did not surprise careful observers of the French Cameroun’s genocide in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia that the demented despot read from a script from his slave master declaring the war and genocide against the territory and people of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.  The preplanned genocide network which uses state and private media resources, administrative structures and a repressive military machinery to execute the genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes is directed controlled and supervised by Paul Biya.  Genocide ideologues and apologists like Issa Tchiroma, Enoh Meyomesse, Charles Ndongo, Laurent Esso, Fame Ndongo, Atanga Nji, George Tabetando, Mafany Musonge, Journalists of Television 4, CRTV, Cameroon Tribune and other French Cameroun media outlets consistently called for the extermination and genocide of Southern Cameroonians.  The superior commanders of the perpetrators of the genocide issued orders of a military and administrative nature to their subordinates. On their orders, several communities in Manyu were deported from their ancestral homes by the order of the colonial proconsul, one Oum II who also ordered the torching of civilian settlements. These acts of systematic criminality have been replicated in civilian settlements throughout the territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. The burning to death of innocent civilians in their homes, the destruction of the subsistence economy of persons in urban and rural communities, markets, commercial motorcycles and transportation vehicles was ordered by the government of French Cameroun and enforced by soldiers deployed for the purpose. The campaign of extermination has led to thousands of civilians being executed in cold blood and buried in mass graves. Several thousands of Ambazonia citizens have been abducted and executed in cold blood based on their Ambazonian nationality. Those they were unwilling to execute were abducted and court-martialed in a French Cameroun Military Tribunal presided over by a woman whose husband is overseeing the intelligence unit responsible for the tracking down and abduction of citizens of Ambazonia within and far beyond our national frontiers.  He is a prominent member of national security council whose secretary-general the criminal kingpin Atanga Nji was recently rewarded for his overzealousness and brutality in executing his criminal mandate against Ambazonians  by an appointment in a  cumulative position as a Minister of Territory Administration. The husband of the President of the Military Tribunal was a leading member of the criminal gang that in a joint operation with Nigeria intelligence operatives abducted the President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia His Excellency Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and members of his Interim Government on January 5, 2018 in Abuja Nigeria.  That operation provided the very hitherto election cash-strapped Mohammadu Buhari the money which he is relying on to seek re-election in 2019.

A system of justice where the husband abducts, murders victims and brings others before a court-martial presided over by his wife, is undoubtedly an instrument of criminality.  A system of justice where criminals preside over the destiny of the victims of their crimes must be condemned and the criminals overseeing it held accountable for their crimes. Ambazonia must define the enemy to include this justice system and the justice mechanism mandated to execute the criminal agenda and the enforcement of the international crimes committed within and out of the territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia against the citizens of Ambazonia. The judicial officers enforcing this system are as culpable as colonial Divisional Officers, Gendarmes, Soldiers, Policemen, infiltrators, collaborators and all those supporting or contributing to the war efforts of the enemy against the people and territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. The CPDM has long been classified as a terrorist organization in the territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and banned. The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia banned elections organized by the colonial regime of French Cameroun on the territory of Ambazonia and all citizens of Ambazonia put on notice. The free movement of officials of the colonial government within the territory of Ambazonia should be banned.  Schools within the territory of Ambazonia were closed to protect Ambazonia’s core educational values but also to protect our girls from rape, and abduction for ritual murders by French Cameroons operatives and their masters. Like all responsible governments, the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia expects these sensible orders aimed at protecting its territory and people to be scrupulously observed.  There is a war within the territory of Ambazonia and measures aimed at protecting our people and territory must be respected. The liberation of the entire of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia is the duty of all citizens.

Cameroon Concord News applauds the delivery of food and medical supplies to our refugees in Nigeria by the Interim Government and its continuing efforts to unite all our fighting forces to assure the liberation of our territory and protection of our territory.  The sharing of intelligence, strategy and operational support among our fighting forces is very important for our liberation.  Cameroon Concord News and its sister publications strongly condemns the personification of our liberation struggle. That unprecedented conduct is a recipe for failure and must be condemned.  A defense system and strategy build around an individual aided by visionless bloggers conflating the dissemination of credible information with infantile opinions cannot win this war. The focus must be our fighting forces in ground zero and the operational, intelligence, disciplinary, policy, tactical and strategic structures overseeing the prosecution of the war. That focus is being distracted by individual some over-bloated egos and an exaggerated operational and command capabilities from regions of the world far removed from the theatre of military operations. Cameroon Concord News strongly condemns this personification our war efforts. This conduct paints the struggle in bad light, complicates and jeopardizes field operations in ground zero and endangers the lives of self defense forces.  It must stop.

Cameroon Concord News Group recognizes the right of the citizens of Ambazonia to take up arms to protect our people and territory and strongly supports the efforts of the Interim Government to unite all the defense forces for purposes of co-ordination, logistic supplies and the well-being of our fighting forces.

To this I Put My Name

Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Chairman, Editor-in-Chief