The Untold Truths about Ndian and it’s Crude oil contributions of $618 Billion to Cameroon since 1972 0

The truth could be interpreted as any of the following :-

  1. That, God did not put all these resources under our feet, waters soil and in our forests ,waters in Ndian for us to be extremely poor, under developed and hapless in spite of her contributions of $618 billion NOT FCFA but USD dollars.
  2. That, crude oil exploration started in 1972 in the Ekondo oil fields, when crude oil was selling at $21.6 per barrel, and it changed the political complexion of the Federal Republic of Cameroon as West Cameroon was effectively swallowed because of crude oil.
  3. That, since 1972, Ndian has been producing an average of 58.000 barrels per day to 161,000 barrels per day, but Ndian still have the snapshot of 5th century Africa, with Mundemba it’s headquarters having all the trappings of a makeshift refuge camp with no basic modern public infrastructure in spite of her contributions of $613billion from crude oil sales since 1972 till date
  4. That, Palm Oil plantations developed and transformed Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam into emerging economies and economic tigers, but Palm plantations has made Ndian even poorest amongst the poorest. Pamol occupies a land mass bigger than Monaco, Onitsha and Bayelsa state, Nigeria and our coastlines.
  5. That, cocoa developed Western Nigeria, Ghana.,Ivory Coast, Brazil, Switzerland , but cocoa has not made any improvements in our lives and communities. The tallest buildings in Ibadan, Nigeria and Accra Ghana respectively are named cocoa House.
  6. That, Crude oil has developed and is developing USA, Nigeria, Angola EQ Guinea, Middle East, Benelux, Latin America, but has left Ndian poorest of the poor with Idabato, Isangele, Bamusso, Kombo Abedimo and Etindi still looking like a region and people with no government in spite of our contributions of $613
    Billion over the years.
  7. The truth might also mean any of the following too:-
  8. What the government does not want to hear. Or what you could be killed for saying in public. ( That, we are capable of managing our own affairs and our resources peacefully)
  9. A guarded secret. ( About Ndian crude oil and her contribution of $613billion over the years.
  10. A lie told repeatedly or a white lie ( that , there is any nation on earth that her unity or geo-political map cannot be negotiated, when “One” 1 itself and even fractions are divisible
  11. What everybody knows but nobody want to say it. ( Ndian and the Oroko has everything but owns and control nothing) Until we are able to have firm political control over our factors of production, our land, our resources ,we shall continue to sit at the banks of Rivers Ndian, Mana ,Mundimba, Bulu gazing at the Rumpi singing songs of lamentations.

12 The truth might also mean telling your brother in the morning that, his mouth is smelling or your spouse that he is snoring.

  1. That. Ndian seriously need to form a political party that, would defend and fight for their interests and resources.
    We need to have a “Rumpi Freedom Party,” “Ndongore Peoples Party”, Basusu Freedom Party, or Ingeke Freedom Party, that would win all elections in Ndian and represent the people and not foreign interests. Ndian has been over raped, ripped, cowed , abused and our people living in constant fear and in eternal bondage.
  2. There is a saying in Ngolo that,
    Fear kills only the person who wears it. And that. “Any child afraid of witchcraft or scared of death can never inherit the throne of his parents .”
  3. The Truth about Ndian Crude oil.
    Source: US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Summary and Breakdown of crude oil production from. 1972 -2018.

  1. Years of Production :1972-1980
    ( 8 years)
    1.2. Average Annual Production per day=58,000barrels
    1.3. Average Annual Price in USD:$59/bbl
    1.4.Amount of Crude Oil Produced: 58,000 bbl X 365 days X 8 years=162,400.000 barrels in 8 years
    1.5. Amount from Crude Oil Sales =
    162,400,000barrels X $59/bbl= $9.581,600,000 (Nine billion, Five Hundred and Eighty One Million, Six Hundred thousand Dollars.)

2.Years of Production :1981-1990
( 10 years)
2.1. Total Production for 10 years:
5,595,450,000 barrels
2.3. Average Price in USD=$147.5/bbl
2.4.Amount from Sales of Crude =
5,595,450,000 barrels X $147.5/bbl=
$825.328,875,000.(Eight Hundred and twenty five billion, Three Hundred and Twenty Eight Million, Eight Hundred and Seventy five thousand dollars)

  1. Years of Production :1991-2000
    ( 10 years)
    3.1. Total Production for 10years=
    4,292,400, 000 barrels
    3.2. Average Price in USD:$117.7/bbl
    3.4.Amount from Sales of Crude Oil =
    4,292,400, 000 barrels X $$117.7/bbl=
    $505,215,480,000(Five Hundred and Five Billion, Two Hundred and Fifteen Million, Four Hundred and Eighty Thousand Dollars).

4.Years of Production :2001-2010
( 10years)
4.1. Total Production=: 2,755,750.000 barrels
4.2. Average Price in USD=$75.4/bbl
4.3.Amount from Sales of Crude Oil =
2,755,750,000 barrels X $75.4/bbl=
$20,778,355.000 (Twenty Billion, Seven Hundred and Seventy Eight Million, There Hundred and Fifty Five thousand dollars)

  1. Years of Production :2011-2018
    ( 8 years)
    5.1.Total Production=: 2,186,350,000 barrels
    5.2. Average Price in USD=$71.8/bbl
    5.3.Amount from Sales of Crude Oil =
    2,186,350,000 barrels X $71.8/bbl=
    $15,697,993.000(Fifteen Billion., Six Hundred and Ninety Seven Million, Nine Hundred and Ninety Three Thousand dollars). US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Atabong Albert Motale