Truckloads of Chinese weapons dispatched to Southern Cameroons 0

French Cameroun army soldiers deployed to Southern Cameroons have reportedly received truckloads of new Chinese made weapons and munitions dispatched by the Biya regime, irrespective of the so-called national dialogue by Yaoundé aimed at ending the war in Southern Cameroons.

Requesting anonymity, a senior Cameroon government army officer serving with the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR in the economic metropolis of Douala told Cameroon Concord News on Sunday that the regime in Yaoundé has received huge amount of weapons and logistical equipment provided by Beijing to Yaoundé to assist in the war in Southern Cameroons.

Our source added that the ammunitions came in via the Douala port from China and has been transported to Buea and Bamenda. He further noted that Yaoundé recently sent a convoy of 9 trucks loaded with military service men and women from the French Cameroun base in Koutaba to Bamenda.

French Cameroun sponsored militias continue to kidnap people, commit armed robbery and carry out raids on Ambazonia citizens in both the Northern and the Southern Zones. They recently carried out a string of attacks – supported by French Cameroun forces in Bamenda, Bali and Ekok in Eyumojock with many Ambazonia detainees taken to unknown locations and their fate remains uncertain.

By Rita Akana