UN General Assembly: President Biya calls for collective action 1

President Paul Biya has addressed the 71st General Assembly of the UN in New York. Cameroon state radio and television reported that his speech was based on the 17 point Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) which is currently guarding deliberation at the present session. The Cameroonian chief executive revealed that countries have not fully respected their engagements.

In a strongly worded message he stated that “now is not time for promises, the time to act is now” Biya specifically mentioned the 16th objective of the SDGs that deals with security and terrorism stating that in the past three years Cameroon has been fighting the Nigerian Islamic sect, Boko Haram.

He proposed the creation of an international institution to fight terrorism and insecurity especially in developing countries. He ended on a very positive note by indicating the SDGs is a universal dynamism to transform the world and if world leaders decide here and now to make available resources, the present world of turbulence shall be transformed to a world of peace.