Uncovering Moderator Fonki Samuel’s sin and Corruption in the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon 0

The leadership of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) was engineered to be rooted in the stability of a relationship with God and the simplicity of a life that is straightforward and open. This rootedness in a God-centered life of righteousness enables Moderators of the PCC to face the confusion and conflicts that arise as a result of morally wrong motives, relationships and actions and are peacemakers.

This has not been the case with the PCC ever since the man they call Reverend Fonki Samuel Forba took over command. Recently in Buea and under the direct supervision of the French Cameroun governor of the South West Region, the Right Reverend Samuel Fonki was re-elected as Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon for the next five years.

The well fed Fonki Samuel was elected on Monday at the end of the 50 Synod. His acolyte Reverend Hans Abia of the Presbyterian Church Bonamoussadi was also elected Synod clerk in a counterfeit electoral process never known in the history of the PCC.

The two so-called men of God were given the five year mandate unopposed after their challengers were all forced to step down by French Cameroun security agents.  The CPDM style of voting still had to go on and the Rt. Rev. Samuel Fonki was declared winner with 119 votes.

After the elections, a concerned child of God painted the PCC on social media using the following words “The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon has become a political church (house) where pastors do campaign for a post to govern rather than to ask God for wisdom to lead his Christians. Shared monies and under looked other pastors rather than praying and communion with each of theirs, suspend others and hate them rather than LOVING and protecting them.”

The devil was given free reign in Buea on that fateful day to do as much damage as possible to the PCC’s unfolding divine purposes. The devil actually found an effective place to press his diabolical schemes deep within the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon. It is in Rev Fonki Samuel- the human entrusted with shepherding the flock that makes up the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon and by extrapolation, the body of Christ in the world.

Listening to the Moderator after church service in Mulheim an der Ruhr in Germany some months ago, Rev Fonki came across to me like a Bamileke car dealer whose mission to Europe was to acquire second hand cars and ferry them to Cameroon. His life is extremely lacking in integrity and generosity.  On the micro level, he is full of tribal arrogance, self gratification and indifference towards the needs of other Christians and the PCC family. My 18 year old son whispered into my eyes during his Homily in Mulheim that this is not a man willing to take a stand on a matter of moral principle within God’s family. To be sure, Fonki only knows two things: profit and promotion.

It is no secret that the Christian doctrine of original sin has fallen out of favour with Rev Fonki and his gang in the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon and violating moral law to gratify lust, greed, or hunger for power is now the order of the day.

Either way, words seem inadequate for the egregious committing or covering up of crimes by Rev Fonki Samuel and his so-called pastors but Jesus’s own warning about vicious wolves in sheep’s clothing that seek to devour God’s flock should be well-taken.

Fonki and his demons in cassock have their councilors, lieutenant, mayors who do not serve and preach Christ, but are busy counting their cars and houses including hotels and naming them one by one. The Moderator-elect is under public scrutiny for embezzlement, financial malpractice and lust for married women.

After his Buea victory, Moderator Fonki held a CPDM style celebration party where he danced with members of his PCC consortium of crime syndicates and lavished church money on those who attended the show.

Beyond the heart-wrenching suffering experienced by Christians of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon and those who love the PCC, and for all who suffer the direct consequences of Fonki’s sin, there is only one answer, one hope for humanity: Jesus Christ.

The Jesus Christ as painted by a small group of Pastors using these immortal words “Dear brothers and sisters good evening. We want to heartily thank all who supported us spiritually, financially and physically.  We came out of the race when we could not win in the first or second position in the Synod Committee. People showed more loyalty to the one who appointed them PS or HOD rather than to Jesus Christ who called them to the ministry of Word and Sacraments. We came out with our heads high as we did not engage in any mafia deals, bribery and corruption or mysticism. It was a Synod of Unity and Peace that produced an EXCO of Disunity and Enemity. Pray for the PCC and for its hierarchy to repent and be Christ-Centred. Revds Mokoko and Nganji.”

To this I put my name

Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai