Vice President Yerima’S FIRST 38 DAYS: Here’s how they compare with Chief Ayamba’s, Justice Ebong’s, and Sako’s 0

The Ambazonia Vice President got more done in his first 38 days in office than any leader before and after Interim President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe or any since the days of Chief Ayamba and Justice Ebong. He took office in the depths of the Great Corruption deep within the Interim Government, signing executive orders to stabilize the Southern Cameroons Revolution boat.

Vice President Dabney Yerima is now the reason Ambazonians focus on the first 38 days. Of course, the Vice President does not have total control over his time in office due to some distractions coming from the disgraced Dr Ikome Sako, Barrister Fru John Nsoh and some Southern Cameroons comedians in the USA.

Vice President Yerima’s 38 days in office has been amazing. But how has his tenure compared with that of the former acting crew?

We looked at the performance of Yerima and his team in many areas of the struggle

Here’s how they stack up:

The IG under the command of VP Yerima secretly moved away from the reach of French Cameroun forces the family of 5 months old Baby Martha, shot at close range 10 times in the head by Cameroon army soldiers.

The reinstated IG coordinated funds to cover cost for emergency Medical assistance for a Southern Cameroonian who was shot in Kumba by the terrorist forces of Paul Biya and left to die. The IG is following on other cases.

Vice President Yerima’s team have coordinated funds and supplied 45 mattresses to our brothers in the Douala New Bell Prison who have been sleeping on bare floor for the past one year.  The IG is going to proceed to other detention centres where it will cater for the needs of our detainees.

The Interim Government’s humanitarian team has coordinated another round of legal, medical and food support chain to our detainees in Yaoundé. While this was not enough for our entire political prison population, the IG looks to scale that up in the days and weeks ahead.

The reinstated IG’s humanitarian assistance has been extended to provide food for prisoners in Douala, Bafoussam, Mbouda,Dshang and the IDPs scattered around the major towns in LRC. Specific attention will be provided to one of our IDPs in the French Cameroun Town of Douala diagnosed with Cancer.

In Nigeria, Vice President Yerima’s men and women have launched a pilot project that will assist our refugees. 20 pregnant women were provided assistance to welcome our new Ambazonian babies unfortunately born as refugees. They at least deserve a dignified birth.

10 other women from our refugee community in Nigeria were part of another pilot project for tailoring skills by the reinstated IG.

Some 20 of our refugee women were part of another pilot project aim at helping them to work at Bakeries.

By Sama Ernest