Warwick Law School speaks of Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute 0

Warwick Law School postgraduate alumnus Joseph Dion Ngute has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of Cameroon. Dion Ngute took office on 5 January 2019, replacing Philemon Yang, the country’s longest-serving Prime Minister.

Dion Ngute has served in the Cameroonian government since 1997, including positions at the Ministry of External Relations and at the Presidency of the Republic, and he has represented Cameroon on both the UN Human Rights Council and the African Commission for Human and People’s Rights.

Dion Ngute came to Warwick in 1978 to research a PhD on comparative contract law under Jill Cottrell, which was awarded in 1982. His thesis, entitled “Standardized Contracts in a Bi-jural State: the United Republic of Cameroon”, is available to read online at the Warwick Research Archive Portal