What makes Vice President Yerima such a powerful Ambazonia figure? 0

The events that have rocked the Ikome Sako-Chris Anu gang lately in the US and the fall back from the leaked audio indicates that Vice President Dabney Yerima is nearly as powerful now as he was at many other points in the Southern Cameroons revolution history. But the newly appointed Ambazonia Vice President is still nowhere near as powerful as he has the potential to be.

But yes, Vice President Yerima now has an inherent power than allows him to punch French Cameroun and the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime way above his weight class politically. There are reasons why we of the Cameroon Concord News Group think the choice of Dabney Yerima as Vice President remains one of the best things that ever happened in the Southern Cameroons struggle.

The one thing that history shows about Vice President Yerima is that no matter how down and out you think he is, he will rise. And when he does, it’s not just as a strong personality, but a legal frame work for leadership excellence.

Remember the profound effect the failed 8 months of Sako Ikome’s leadership had on the Southern Cameroons revolution. Today, Ambazonians are donating money to support the struggle and their leaders in jail. Under Vice President Yerima, Ambazonia Restoration Forces who are poorly equipped have been ordered to stage a kind of tactical withdrawal and in areas like the Manyu County, road mines are now being used against the enemy.

The Southern Cameroons Interim Government under Mr Yerima has mastered modern communication cycle and Southern Cameroonians in Ground Zero are now part of the strategic calculations. Despite its limited resources, the Interim Government under Yerima has also become more organized and the Vice President is expected to step down from his influential role in the SCNC soonest.

Give Vice President Yerima and his team your support!!  Next, give him your money and to top it all, Yerima will infuse Southern Cameroonians with a culture that will see them rise not only as Africa’s newest nation, but give them the fortitude to rise again to become a super powerful force despite suffering some of the most crushing genocides any people have had to suffer.

Another secret to Yerima’s strength is that his detractors do not bother about Ambazonia casualties in Ground Zero and the former crooks in the IG and the Restoration Council keep underestimating the strength of the Ambazonian people and Yerima again and again. This is a singularly bad idea, as Sako, Chris Anu and Irene Ngwa have come to find out to their detriment after they announced the so called impeachment of the leader.

Today, the IG is at its absolute weakest but Vice President Yerima is delivering.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai