Yaoundé: Is Senator Mundi provoking Amba Defense Forces? 0

The Yaoundé Senator, Regina Mundi, once held by Ambazonian Defense Forces has gone back to the senate where she was received by the same crime syndicate which caused her to be arrested by Amba Defense Forces (ADF).

The senator had been arrested one month ago for illegally participating in the politics of an unfriendly and hostile neighboring country which has killed some five thousand Ambazonias in a war that is still ongoing.

The 80-year-senator seems to have forgotten that she had told the world that she was an Ambazonian in a video when she was in custody in the green jails of Ambazonia and, being Ambazonian, she is not supposed to be aiding and abetting the enemy in a war which has resulted in the death of thousands of Ambazonians.

Ms. Mundi was only released when a foreign government and her children worked together to pay CFAF 80 million, equivalent of USD 170,000, to the ADF.

But the Yaoundé government has been trying to persuade the world that she was released after a violent gun battle that never took place.

Ms. Mundi came out of where she was held very relaxed as if she was waiting for a limousine to take her to a party. She was well-dressed and she could be seen in the pictures released by Yaoundé forces hugging Yaoundé soldiers who were also very relaxed and neatly dressed.

There were no dead bodies and no wounded in the government’s violent release of a “hostage” and no ADF weapons were seized and displayed whereas the government claimed that it surprised ADF officers.

Though now living in exile in Yaoundé, Ms. Mundi should understand that the ADF can still pick her up if she violates the terms and conditions of her parole. She is not supposed to be seen with members of the Yaoundé-based crime syndicate and must end her political career in a foreign country immediately.

Speaking to the Cameroon Concord News Group’s Yaoundé-based correspondent, an Amba soldier who spoke on condition of anonymity said Senator Mundi was a repeat offender, adding that she would very likely return to jail if she did not put an end to her illegal political activities.

Senator Mundi is still playing with fire. She now understands that there is an active war taking place between the Yaoundé government and Ambazonia, but she has opted to return to Yaoundé to continue helping the enemy. We are keeping an eye on her and her crimes and sins will not be forgiven this time around,” the Ambazonian officer said.

The government paid CFAF 80 million to our bosses living abroad and her release was obtained, but next time we will double the amount as she is not complying with the terms of her release,” the angry officer concluded.

By Rita Akana in Yaoundé