Yaoundé tried to bring Ambazonia to its knees, but Restoration Forces thwarted plot via self defense- VP Yerima 0

Ambazonia Vice President Dabney Yerima says the Biya Francophone regime resorted to an unprecedented fracas including a senseless military action to bring the Federal Republic of Ambazonia down to its knees, but Southern Cameroonians successfully thwarted the plot through self defense actions. 

Comrade Dabney Yerima made the comments at a cabinet meeting that was summoned to examine the Monday ghost operations in Ground Zero. The Southern Cameroons Vice President slammed the continues French Cameroun military atrocities in Ambazonia and warned pro Yaoundé CPDM politicians in Southern Cameroons to be ready for a crushing response from Ambazonia Restoration Forces if they venture to stage any elections in the territory.

Dabney Yerima called on Southern Cameroonians to invest in the Amba Bonds Project in order for the Interim Government to be able to counter the French Cameroun criminal and terrorist military. “Our people in Ground Zero have successful thwarted all French Cameroun moves and conspiracies by putting up resistance” he added.

The Southern Cameroons exiled leader observed that despite numerous acts of provocation and sabotage by the French Cameroun government, the people of Ambazonia have preserved their dignity and are slowly but surely overcoming difficult situations and will eventually emerge victorious by exercising resistance and enduring hardships.

Vice President Dabney Yerima again made a mockery of the so-called Major National Dialogue and the Swiss initiative. He pointed out that the idea of dialogue only came because French Cameroun is now facing firm resistance.

“The drama being acted by  French Cameroun surrogates such as the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council and the much respected Chief George Tabetando in Mamfe are contrary to Biya’s rhetoric in public,” Dabney Yerima said, noting that even “the Commonwealth, the Francophonie and the African Union are aware of that.”

By Sama Ernest with files from Rita Akana