Yaounde University II: Chantal Biya to be made Doctor Honoris Causa 1

soaCameroon’s first lady Chantal Biya, will be named as the Mother Teresa of Cameroon soon.  The wife of the 83 year old president was the focus of an academic discourse that recently brought together some pro CPDM university lecturers of the University of Yaounde II.

The scantily attended forum that held for three days at the Soa campus recommended that the first lady be made Doctor Honoris Causa for her charity works. At the opening session of the conference on Tuesday, the Executive Secretary of African Synergies, -a foundation created and run by the wife of the head of state using Cameroon tax payer’s money, said Chantal Biya was the “Mother Teresa” of Cameroon.

Just over 65 million FCFA was mobilized and spent for the conference in a country that lacks roads, hospitals, electricity and drinking water. The so-called intellectuals did not explained to the audience why Cameroon’s Mother Teresa has not visited the victims of the intercity train crash several days after the tragedy.

By Rita Akana