Ambazonia Interim Gov’t Spokesman condemns Southern Cameroons traitors 0

The Ambazonia Communications Secretary, Milton Taka, yesterday used his first appearance before the official launch of the Amba Bonds Project to condemn every act of betrayal against the people of Southern Cameroons and their jailed leaders although he stopped short of calling for a specific action on the disgraced former Acting President Ikome Sako and his acolyte Chris Anu.

In a televised address to the Ambazonia nation aired by the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Co-operation (SCBC) Comrade Milton Taka said the international community is expecting from Ambazonians a clear stance on unity and strategy regarding any dialogue with French Cameroun as well as with regard to self defense and protecting innocent Southern Cameroons civilians.

Secretary Milton Taka said attacks on Ambazonia clergies and civilians and also listening to social media Amba politicians serves French Cameroun interests by distracting attention from the suffering of Southern Cameroonians living under occupation and war.

Addressing the European Union, Milton Taka called for genuine peace negotiations with French Cameroun that will involve key EU states such as the UK, France and Germany including Switzerland.

The Ambazonia Secretary of Communications also said presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections have long been banned throughout Ambazonia territory. He saluted SDF MPs and councilors who have refused to be part of any French Cameroun election process and furthered that if Southern Cameroonians would like to replace the leadership of the Interim Government that will be done immediately the liberation train arrives Buea through an established political process.

Here is a partial presentation of Mr Milton Taka speech

I will like to begin today’s press briefing with two quotes that are very dear to our revolution.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality”. Desmond Tutu

“I began the Cuban revolution with 82 men. If I had to do it again, I do it with 10 or 15 and absolute faith. It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and plan of action.” Fidel Castro

Tearing apart revolutionary leader Comrade Fidel Castro’s observation when the Cuban people’s revolution became successful, we can safely say that while he began the revolution with just 82 men, thousands if not millions joined along the way; the faint hearted gave up even before the revolution picked steam, the crooks, traitors and sellouts were bought over – they sold their consciences and turned against their own destinies and to free homeland preferring slavery; gangsters ganged up and made it a business and forgot about the suffering of the masses of their people; many ridiculed patriots, many called freedom fighters all sorts of names, an international conspiracy was engineered to brand them as terrorists, anti-peace, group of destroyers, but Comrade Fidel Castro as leader stayed the course; he carried the vision, it was very clear and those who were called to liberate homeland connected with the vision, gave up everything and focused on one goal and only one goal only – the liberation of homeland.

My fellow countrymen and women, dear Ambazonians, dear people, this is that hour for us. As I have always said, we know who is who in this revolution. We know those that stand for our people, our revolution and our homeland. They have remained consistent, they have remained focused, they have remained loving and accommodating even to those who need their flesh, who throw them to enemies to devour, who pray and probably conspire with the enemy to send them to the land of their ancestors. Even with all of these, they have given them love, acted for them, protected their own and ask that they be forgiven for we aspire to be in a country where exemplary leadership moves beyond mere speeches and empty words, but is truly practiced, is auditable and is results driven.

As I was reflecting on the struggles of our people in the homeland all of them as prisoners without a crime for just being Ambazonians, as I reflected on the pain of our IDPs, refugees and detained leaders and people in LRC’s filthy detention centres, a sister from Momo Country called and in her own words she said; “Mr Secretary, I do not know if you talk to the President and all our other leaders and people in detention. If you do, please tell them I am very sorry for all the bad things some terrible individuals in this revolution are doing against them, our revolution, our flag and our nation. Tell them, we will never lose hope; that we will push LRC out of our land and that even if we are only three left, we will never disappoint them. One day they shall be free and we will celebrate our sacrifices and plan and great nation together”. Comrades, this is one of the most genuine voices I have heard for long in this struggle; I bent down my head and water dropped uncontrollably from my eyes. A majority of our people remain focused, honest and very determined. With this kind of faith, no person born of a woman can stop our match into a free homeland Ambazonia. Buea is real; our march is unstoppable.

It is very convenient to be here every day speaking to you, especially if it’s just to come and spread propaganda, but I must tell you my people that there is more work to be done than talking. Talk is cheap, our numbers of suffering people keep mounting in all fronts, that’s not good news, it means only one thing to me, that all of us need to take collective responsibility and get to work as a collective force and Yes it’s possible that we can be effective in all required fronts and reduce drastically the suffering of our masses, that should be our priority.

Our revolutionary deputy leader VP Comrade Dabney Yerima has chosen the course of hard work; less talk and more work. So much work is cooking behind the scenes. You have seen some results, more will come but we will only have a little bit of comfort when

1) Our boys are armed with the sophistication that deters LRC enemy forces from coming into our villages to come loot, steal, kill, maim, kill, and abduct our people and burn down entire communities.

 2) Our boys start conquering and holding territory where complete administration is transferred to the Ambazonian civilian population, when all kids of school going age are back in class, hospital facilities functioning and life returns back to normal

 3) We control the ground and then have reliable friends who begin the process of reconstructing our communities so that life can be bigger and better and our people able to hope again.

 My Dear people, this is why I joined this struggle to liberate homeland. I want to belief many of you joined this liberation struggle for the same reason.

In every struggle, the diaspora has been very instrumental in doing three things: endlessly funding the resistance on the ground, internationalizing the struggle and getting the international community to stand with the oppressed and suppressed people. Many of you in the diaspora have given up all of what you have, all of what you cherish, even your families for the liberation of your people. There comes a time in the life of a freedom fighter when nothing again in the world matters except freedom; when not even your life matters, when not even death or imprisonment matters except the liberation of your people.

To you listening to me who has passed that test, congratulation. The lives of our martyrs matter and they celebrate you. To all of you who have still been sitting on the fence, homeland is calling, the blood of the massacred is calling, the pain of the homeless is waning, the suffering of our people in their millions on GZ is begging you to stand up and defend homeland. The time is now, not tomorrow. What are you waiting for? Do you want to see us passing Mutengene with our flags of victory before you notice that sitting on the fence all along was unpatriotic, unrevolutionary and a betrayal of the bright future you must fight to preserve for the generation yet unborn?

If you ever doubted the justness of our struggle, let me share with you our most recent victory stories:

1.      Mr Paul Biya, President of neighbouring LRC admits during the Paris Peace Summit of 11-13 November 2019 while being interviewed by Pan Africanist Leader Mo Ibrahim that over 58 years, his country French Cameroon has tried in vain to annex or assimilate the nation of Ambazonia but failed worth fully. Our education and legal systems cited as main impediments. With him now declaring the truth to the hearing of the whole world, it is now time for the people of Ambazonia to speak – Mr President of LRC, your dream of a One and Indivisible Cameroon is dead and long buried. Be reminded that your attempted distortion of historical facts fall flat on the face. The day you and your country are able to conquer all German Kameroun territories in Chad, the Central Africa Republic and Congo and make it part of your one and indivisible Cameroun, Ambazonia will be waiting for you to talk internal law, talk facts and justice. In the meantime, we reiterate our call– Mr President that you respect Article 4B of the African Charter on the intangibility of frontiers inherited at independence by returning Colonial French Cameroon reign to your borders acquired at Independence on 1st January 1960 and leave Ambazonia alone. We have suffered enough.  

2.     Long standing diplomat of international repute, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov in the same Paris Peace Summit lamented that the UN failed to complete the decolonization process in the mid-19th century and indicated the case of a people who remained colonized will be opened at the next UN session.  Mr Biya’s annexation statements certainly triggered the frustration.

3.     Assistant Secretary for U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of African Affairs Tibor Naggy as early as last week at a diplomatic briefing lamented that Mr Paul Biya was being deceived by some of his top aides that he can win Ambazonia militarily in his senseless war. He gave French Cameroun free advice that they can never win Ambazonia because the Ambazonian people’s fight for dignity and the protection of their people whom they brought into the illegal union was just. He regretted the so-called National Dialogue by the Biya administration was unfortunately a smoke screen or whitewash and that Mr Biya had no choice but to talk to the people through their authentic leaders beginning with the NERA 10 led by President Sisiku AyukTabe.

Prisoners do not negotiate. We insist, he must be freed, all our leaders freed, all our people freed, LRC removes its army and occupation and negotiations allowed to facilitate the resolution of this conflict in a foreign territory, neutral ground with credible, trusted and unbiased mediators facilitating the talks, witnessed by other well known key stakeholders – Britain, France, the US, Germany, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.

Let me turn my attention to the Swiss Talks. The Interim Government will talk to any government, group of people or organized formation that has a credible mandate and the will to end this senseless war. But the IG will do so only when such body respects Ambazonians as a people, expresses proves from onset it has a genuine mandate to be an unbiased referee, makes us certain beyond reasonable doubt that Foumban II will not happen under our watch but that through their efforts our people will be free and last but not the least guarantees internationally diplomatic protection for all participants and our leaders involved.

From a participant at the talks, Ambazonia is being played, participants are not coordinated, do not seem to have held preparatory meetings before the talks, are not sound from a competency basis given that some flying in to represent us have not even done basic research to understand the game of international conflict resolutions and negotiations.

Vice President Dabney Yerima has this to say – Ambazonia belongs to all of us. None of us is more Ambazonian than the other; let’s understand what is at stake; we are dealing with the lives of 8 million Ambazonians. Let us all return to the table for the sake of Ambazonia, suggest the names of Ambazonians and Non-Ambazonians who will make our Negotiation Team A, agree on a final list and go out there and negotiate with Switzerland, HD, Canada, Germany or any other country or organization that puts its hands up to say I want to help end the conflict.

So long as we have the right team and our non-negotiable terms are cast stone, we will be ready to even negotiate with France so long as the freedom of Ambazonia will not be traded for any compromise that does not give our people complete independence but keeps us under perpetual slavery.

So, to our Dear people who went to Switzerland truly believing HD is the way forward, fighting amongst ourselves makes us weaker and gets the enemy to prevail over us all. Let us return home, truly assess the state of things with HD, Switzerland, fortify our team and go out there getting the world to know that the Albert Mukongs of our generation, the Nkwame Nkruma’s, the Nelson Mandelas of Ambazonia have come with the full might, force and will of their people, unshaken, unmoved, focused and unrepentantly decisive and deliberate to let our people be set free at all cost.

While we focus on getting the international community to rise up from slumber and contribute efforts towards extinguishing this senseless war against our peace loving people, Fund GZ. Fund GZ; Fund GZ. That is the only way to keep our communities protected. That is the only way to remind LRC we have had enough. That is the only way to remind the international community to stop the hypocrisy and get Colonial French Cameroon to respect international law and let our people go including their glorified slaves. Fund GZ, Fund GZ, Fund GZ.

As for elections, the people of Ambazonia once settled in Buea as a free people will ask Ambazonians to drop their revolutionary hats and start political activities for those who will want to go the political route. Only then shall there be elections in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. All political activities and elections were banned in Ambazonia from 2017. Anyone still involved in political activities is immediately asked to desist from such unpatriotic acts with immediate effect. On that note, the IG will like to congratulate Hon Awudu Mbaya of Donga Mantung County for pulling out of LRC’s election of shame, citing that it will be practically impossible to run election campaigns or elections in war torn Ambazonia, refusing he will not walk on corpses to get elected as a representative of a people who never voted for him. To all others who have already followed his example for the sake of your people, you did the right thing. It is a monumental shame that the SDF that many invested their whole lives, sacrificed their careers and gave up everything hoping it was a democratic vehicle to effect change has turned out to be a big time scam with candidates even imposed on a people from computer buttons. Our people have suffered enough. If you are silent the phase of murder, genocide, rape, you have taken the side of the oppressor because of blood money. Speak out; Ambazonians are waiting.

Our solution to stop this madness lies in funding GZ. Albert Mukong, Chief Ayamba and their fellow patriots are mourning in the ground in disbelief what the generation of sellouts has turned to be.

GZ is bleeding; the reason is – we are not funding it enough. Over the last three months we have been working day and night to make this pain a thing of the pass. VP Comrade Dabney Yerima came and introduced Amba Bonds as the product that will make Buea visible and real. Other constituencies within the IG demanded deeper vetting needed to be done to ensure that whoever gets appointed to head the project is honest, credible, competent and patriotic to the core. I am happy to announce to you that on Monday 25th November, 7PM precisely; VP Dabney Yerima will be announcing the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Bank of Ambazonia. Most constituencies have already deployed their Board of Governors Representatives. That too will be announced.

My AmbaBond, My Freedom. It is time to own your space with a Certificate as a Freedom Fighter for the liberation of Ambazonia. Have you bought your Amba Bond? what are you waiting for? Own your AmbaBond with at least a $250 contribution to the struggle. What’s interesting is that you can start investigating towards your bond with just $1. It is a simple two step process: Go register and get a unique AmbaBond Number by visiting: Save your unique number. Step 2 – buy your bond. GZ will immediately feel your contribution. The BOA has promised to deliver three things – Responsibility, Accountable and Transparency Leadership.

Is the UNHCR in Ambazonia? Note that we are aware that LRC has stopped all fact finding missions initiated by different institutions including the UN with a sole purpose of going to GZ and establishing the facts of Mr Biya’s carnage and genocide on our people. This social media news of the UNHCR collecting information from Ambazonians for whatever reason is very strange. The IG has not been approached and has not given permission for any UNHCR activities in our land. LRC is surely collecting your information for election purposes; do not share your information with anybody as this is certainly a scam.

On LRCs continuous violation of international humanitarian law, by invading refugee Ambazonian communities in a bit to poison our people or force them back to Ambazonia where they can conveniently kill them under the disguise of war, we have taken appropriate steps tell our people in Nigeria not to have anything to do with the LRC Consulate in Nigeria. We have also taken the necessary actions to stop their criminal activities.

LRC has no jurisdiction to try any of our people. The continuous detention of Mama Grace Mafuatem the mother to Chris Anu and Field Marshal and their family members have been very unfortunate. We are very glad Mama Grace and Gladys Bissama, wife to Field Marshal have been released following endless legal support. We particular thank President Sisiku AyukTabe in illegal detention and his legal team who worked tirelessly to secure their release. The facts are there for all to see. We will continue the fight until all Ambazonians illegally detained are released.

I will like to end tonight’s broadcast by addressing two individuals whom I refuse to call them Comrades because of their anti-revolutionary activities. These are the notorious Kometa Elvis and Sako Ikome. I have stayed quiet for too long but must now declassify irrefutable facts and I challenge anyone to proof me wrong.

This is what Ambazonians had to say about the supposed installation of Samuel Sako. Our people said – Weti concern we if the people of Sako Republic, Maryland Republic or Sako Kometa Comic Republic dey install their Excellency Most High President at all cost?

Serving as AVP under Sako, l want to summit that making a mistake in a revolution is not a problem if you own up to it and learn given that none of us went to a university to be prepared to run a successful revolution. The problem and a very big one is when you continue to scheme, to lie, to tear the house down using all sorts of division tactics, you continue to hire brainless surrogates to defend your illutionary power against all odds.

While l will never join the crowd to declare any Ambazonian guilty beyond reasonable doubt, l want Ambazonians to know that the revolution had come to a standstill under Sako and needed to be saved because of the following things Sako was accused of strongly supported by Kometa Elvis, both of whom my revolutionary self refuses to dignify as Comrades:

1. The IG which Sako had inherited after the January 5th a suctions was heavenly weakened and divided because of Sako factionalism schemes pitting one Comrade in the house against another. He conveniently divided the HCRR into two creating a rival faction called the House of surrogates to defend his schemes. Sako fought against the APNC, a people’s conference that was genuinely a product of some of the most patriotic means with a clear mandate to attempt to achieve unity in the struggle while strengthening all IG institutions. Sako is charged as the one man who single handedly and deliberately tore the IG into pieces before God brought it to our attention the best news of the 21st century that our President Sisiku AyukTabe and all other NERA 10 Leaders were indeed alive. Only a witch can accuse the President of dividing the IG when he came out of incommunicado detention with news from Kometa, and all credible leaders that the IG was now only a shadow of itself. Even with all the pressure that Sako be replaced, the President believed we could work with Sako and reposition the struggle. He worked through Sako to fix the broken pieces of the IG and make the IG great again. What did he get for begging that Sako’s Acting Cabinet and the APNC sit down, talk like brothers and Comrades, merge their conferences and choose one set of dates and one venue to hold the unity conference? The Sako gang changed gear because their plan to cease and maintain power at all cost was about to be destroyed – they went into the worst form of betrayal, blackmail, sabotage and sacrilege. First they said after spending almost a year in incommunicado detention, the President is not able to think straight again – What wickedness? Demons. Next, they said he had been compromised by LRC barely week’s before he was served a life sentence. After discovering the lie did not hold water, the group of criminals moved on with plan 3 – let’s lie he is ruling from jail and impeach him. Only sick, brainless and irrational fellows believed the lie. How can you rule from jail with all the limitations? Or did the demons just have so much frustration that our leaders were still alive. Any of you who has been supporting the President of Maryland Republic, you are morally very bankrupt. Go look in the mirror. It is a shame that you turn your back against true Bonafide Ambazonians whose only crime is doing everything in their powers even in detention to end your slavery.

2. Sako Ikome stands accused as a man who lies with open eyes

3. Abandoning refugees in Nigeria

4. Abandoning IDPs

5. Abandoning our people in detention and above all,

6. Failing to manage MTTB and defeating the ends of justice through fake audits

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