Ambazonia: Much of French Cameroun army crimes unreported, rape complaints ignored by Biya regime 0

More than half the crimes committed by Cameroon government army soldiers in Southern Cameroons deliberately go unreported, and the Francophone administrative officers in Ambazonia towns and villages including the main cities of Limbe, Bamenda and Kumba have blatantly refused to document hundreds of complaints of rape and sexual harassment.

A sea of Roman Catholic clergies in both the Northern and Southern Zones of Ambazonia have all opined that rapes carried out by Francophone soldiers was the second most common crime ever since the ailing French Cameroun dictator declared war on the people of Southern Cameroons, but most Cameroon government officials have turned a blind eye.

Human rights groups operating in Southern Cameroons have also revealed that it has been extremely difficult for Southern Cameroonians to report crimes committed by the Cameroon government military due to stonewalls erected by Francophone dominated administrative officers.

It is almost impossible to know the true extent of how much crime against the Southern Cameroons civilian population is not reported due to French Cameroun government refusal to register the complaints. However, the Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé is always quick to draw the attention of the international community to retaliatory measures carried out on Francophone troops by Ambazonia Self Defense Forces.

Journalists covering the war in Southern Cameroons have jointly and severally pointed to a significant proportion of unaddressed and unresolved crimes mostly committed by French Cameroun servicemen. The Communications Secretary for the Ambazonia Interim Government, Milton Taka recently observed that the crimes against Southern Cameroonians is indeed  signaling worrying levels of insecurity among the Ambazonia public, particularly women and children.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai