Ambazonia Restoration Forces to teach French Cameroun lesson if diaspora invest in Amba Bonds Project 0

The head of the Southern Cameroons Intelligence Agency says Ambazonia Restoration Forces will teach the French Cameroun regime a lesson if provided with modern war equipment.  In a recent briefing with Vice President Dabney Yerima on the state of the revolution, the Ambazonia Intel chief told the exiled cabinet on Sunday that the French Cameroun enemy is waging a war against Southern Cameroonians but Restoration Forces in Ground Zero are ready to face it with their men, society and capacity.

He highlighted that the Biya Francophone regime was harboring delusions thinking it could defeat Southern Cameroons Self Defense Forces within a very short period. He pointed out that Yaoundé was now aware that the Ambazonia resistance movement has the capacity to paralyze the enemy.

Also speaking during the Sunday cabinet meeting was Vice President Dabney Yerima who praised the intelligence chief for making the trip to Ground Zero. Comrade Yerima stated that Southern Cameroonians will never take it at ease with an enemy that threatens their existence, stressing that Southern Cameroonians all over the world should continue to invest in the Amba Bonds Project to free the homeland.

Cameroon Intelligence Report understands the French Cameroun army is fully stretched and any decisive and swift action from Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces who have remained fairly capable and utterly determined irrespective of the internal divisions that have rocked the Interim Government will send La Republique parking out of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

The Ambazonia leaders unanimously agreed that Southern Cameroonians will not compromise on even one iota of the Ambazonia quest for independence.  

About 20,000 Southern Cameroonians, most of them civilians have lost their lives during French Cameroun’s three year war on Ambazonia. However,  there are under-the-table talks in Yaoundé that the French Cameroun military had effectively lost the war by failing to achieve its aim.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai