Ambazonians know how to resist in difficult times-Vice President Yerima 0

Vice President Dabney Yerima says British Southern Cameroonians have a track record on how to resist colonial forces. The Ambazonian exiled leader said on Tuesday during a telephone conversation with our correspondent in Germany that the massive deployment of Nigerian troops in front of the Eastern Regional Assembly at Enugu in 1953 should remind Yaoundé that Southern Cameroonians would not allow French Cameroun government soldiers to stifle the resistance.

Comrade Dabney Yerima observed that “Whosoever is going by that name La Republique du Cameroun should be aware that the Federal Republic of Ambazonia have a history of resistance and not allowing colonial forces to usurp the rights of the Ambazonian nation and continue to exploit and marginalize its citizens.” Mr. Yerima added that the founding fathers of the British Southern Cameroons state handed over a legacy to resist during difficult conditions.

The Vice President said Ambazonian women and children have become accustomed to a cycle of deadly attacks by French Cameroun soldiers that repeat itself daily throughout Southern Cameroons territory.   Dabney Yerima also pointed out that the Ambazonia Interim Government will hold talks with Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora to discuss the Amba Bond Project which he believes will manage to offset those deadly military blows from French Cameroun through a better use of Ambazonian money donated by its citizens in Europe, the USA, South African, Canada, Asia including the Scandinavians.

Vice President Dabney Yerima said equipping Ambazonia Restoration Forces remains top on the Interim Government’s agenda despite the IG’s continued efforts to contain the humanitarian situation in Nigeria, IDPS in French Cameroun and the thousands living in the bushes.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai