Biya and his Francophone gang have a long record of crimes in Southern Cameroons 0

89-year-old President Biya and his Francophone political elites are using the Boko Haram incursions in the Far North region and the deteriorating security situation in the Central African Republic as a political tool to cover up Yaoundé’s misdemeanors in Southern Cameroons.

For over five years now, Biya and his Francophone criminal gang have perpetrated horrible crimes in Southern Cameroons without any accountability and continue to deploy Francophone army soldiers and administrative officers to the Ambazonian homeland.

With strong political, economic and military backing from France, Biya and his gangsters have secured immunity for their Francophone army soldiers from prosecution over horrendous war crimes and genocide in Southern Cameroons.

The regime in Yaoundé has a long record of crimes against British Southern Cameroonians and justice has become a plaything in Southern Cameroons due to Yaoundé’s continued praises on its troops describing them as heroes.

Recently, the Ministry of Defense for the first time announced that Francophone soldiers killed nine Southern Cameroons civilians including a baby in Missong in the North West region.

The Francophone dominated Cameroon government military said four soldiers were searching for a missing colleague on June 1 when they encountered “a group of frenzied villagers.”

The Francophone soldiers opened fire, killing four women, four men and an 18-month-old girl and slightly wounding a 12-month-old baby.

In February 2020, 23 people were killed in a military raid on the village of Ngarbuh, 15 of whom were children. The Francophone army in a statement said the 23 Southern Cameroonians had died when a fuel tank exploded during a firefight between troops and separatists.

But as international outcry developed, the same Francophone military announced again that the civilians had been killed by “uncontrolled” soldiers who were supported by militiamen.

Three Francophone soldiers were reportedly prosecuted for murder and pleaded not guilty, but the verdict has still to be announced more than two years later. Cameroon Intelligence Report sources revealed that the three soldiers from Beti Ewondo extractions have been deployed to the Far North region.

Establishing fully-fledged peace and stability in Southern Cameroons is hindered by the presence of Francophone army soldiers and Francophone civil administrators and by extrapolation-the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime.

The consequences of the war in Southern Cameroons are all over the place. The trust that used to be the population’s hallmark has simply evaporated given the Cameroon government army atrocities that have taken place in the Ambazonian homeland.

Many children in rural parts of Southern Cameroons are still not going to school and this is creating a serious problem that will haunt the entire West Africa in the future.

Key to all measures aimed at ending the fighting in Southern Cameroons will be the release of all Southern Cameroonians arrested because of the conflict, including President Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe who is clearly the leader of Southern Cameroons.

His release and that of his entourage will send out a strong message that the Francophone political elites are committed to bringing sustainable peace to their so-called one and indivisible Cameroon and this might convince Ambazonian fighters in the bushes to down their weapons.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai