Can President Biya travel to Switzerland? THE AGBAW-EBAI DEBATE 0

After the international embarrassment and national disgrace, the rogue Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime has been desperate for the Swiss ambassador to publicly declare that Biya was not deported even though the Swiss foreign minister stated the contrary on the day Biya was whisked out of Geneva.

Ambassador Pietro Lazzeri pictured here drinking champagne with some members of his new money club- the Consortium of CPDM Crime Syndicate, recently said

“We have about 65 Heads of States coming to Switzerland every year. We don;t chase heads of states. When we have disturbances of law and order; problems, we keep order, so we don;t chase presidents in Switzerland. I am not in a position to decide where the head of state can travel or will travel or will not travel. I am not working for the presidency of Cameroon; neither do I work for the Federal Executive Council in Switzerland. It is not for me to decide…”

CRTV and pro Biya media houses have read the above quotation and are claiming the ambassador said Biya was never deported.

Let your voice be heard!! Can Biya travel again to Switzerland?