Dion Ngute, Atanga Nji have turned Southern Cameroons into a huge French Cameroun military base 0

Politically docile pro Yaoundé Southern Cameroons figures have turned the entire Federal Republic of Ambazonia into a huge French Cameroun military base.

Joseph Dion Ngute and Paul Atanga Nji are now responsible for a Francophone policy which allows the Francophone dominated regime of 89-year-old President Paul Biya to turn the whole of British Southern Cameroons into a massive French Cameroun military base.

For over five years now, Francophone army soldiers have been wandering in Mezam, Manyu, Menchum, Bui, Ndian, Fako, Meme, Lebialem, Kupe Munanenguba Divisions and other constituencies in Southern Cameroons. The Southern Cameroons homeland has now turned into a huge French Cameroun army base.

Dion Ngute, Paul Atanga Nji, Philemon Yang, Elvis Ngolle Ngolle and Paul Tasong helped Yaoundé in creating an atmosphere of war with Southern Cameroonians. These so-called prominent Anglophone political elites got Southern Cameroonians intimidated and eventually made acceptable the conversion of the Southern Cameroons homeland into a Francophone military base.

Today, Southern Cameroons is now a tool for France-Afrique power politics and Ambazonians are being use to demonstrate the superiority of French power in Africa regardless of the pain that the people of Southern Cameroons are going through!!

Currently, Francophone military bases have been established all over Southern Cameroons and some of the bases are helping French multi nationals in exploiting Southern Cameroons hydrocarbon resources in Ndian Division, the Bakassi Peninsula including increasing French naval influence in the Gulf of Guinea.

Every divisional and sub divisional capital in Southern Cameroons is home to a Francophone army base! The Biya Francophone regime has extended its military base policy even to Ambazonia villages!

Yet, the same Francophone regime is informing the world that Ambazonian fighters are terrorizing the local Southern Cameroons population!! This begs the question: Who is being threatened with these Francophone military bases? Why are these military bases being established in Southern Cameroons if they cannot protect hospitals or motor parks?

At the moment, our cream of Cameroon Concord News reporters cannot count all the Francophone military bases in Southern Cameroons, there are so many. … The entire Southern Cameroons is La Republique du Cameroun’s military base.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai