French Cameroun tyrant Paul Biya hiding in Mvomeka’a 0

The Yaoundé tyrant Paul Biya is reportedly hiding in a bunker he built some three hundred kilometers away from his palace in his native village of Mvomeka’s after rumour of a military coup spread like wild fire in the nation’s capital over the week end it’s been claimed.

The despot left Yaoundé by military convoy mounted by his kinsmen in the Francophone dominated army and is holed up at a bunker in the outskirts of his village.

A well placed source hinted Cameroon Intelligence Report that Biya is inside a room receiving treatment from his private doctors who are presently in the country.

Family relations of both President Biya and first lady Chantal Biya are effectively running Cameroon in his absence as he is banned from making phone calls due to ill health.  The dictator’s lavish palaces in Yaounde and Mvomeka’a can no longer provide protection to the ailing leader.

Meanwhile members of the Biya family both in Cameroon and abroad have begun hiding the leader’s financial assets alongside those belonging to his wife, Chantal Biya in the hope of protecting the money when he is gone.

Cameroon Intelligence Report informants have tracked the Cameroon military moving two presidential helicopters from their bases in Yaounde to Mvomeka’a.

Thousands of Southern Cameroonians have been killed ever since President Biya declared war against the English speaking community in the country.  The Ambazonia Vice President Dabney Yerima said on Monday that a forceful response to the French Cameroun military onslaught was the only way forward as both Yaoundé and the Southern Cameroons Interim Government battle for control over Ambazonia.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai