S. Cameroons Crisis: Bodies dumped in streets as Ambazonians prepare for lockdown 0

The crisis in Southern Cameroons is in the midst of some seriously dangerous path. Ever since the Yaoundé Military Tribunal sentenced the Ambazonia leaders to life in prison, more than 54 people have been killed in several rural localities according to concerned NGOs and things could get much, much worse in the days ahead.

Cameroon Concord News reporter in Bamenda noted that bodies are dumped on the streets in villages on an almost daily basis. Troops loyal to the Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé recently invaded Nkambe sub constituency killing civilians in Bongom, Njab and Mbipyi villages.

The UN agency for the prevention of genocide has been maintaining a kind of deliberate silence since President Biya declared war on the people of Southern Cameroons. Political commentators following the conflict have pointed out that the Francophone dominated government’s rhetoric has been very similar to language used before and during the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda.

The risk of more violence is real as the Yaoundé government is struggling to get children back to school in the war torn territory. What’s happening right now in Southern Cameroons is deadly serious as cabinet ministers of Ambazonia extraction serving the Biya government are all financing militias.

Paris is supporting the Yaoundé government in its resolve to kill the people of Southern Cameroons while many EU countries are insisting on an inclusive dialogue that will help normalize things in Cameroon.

The 86 years old President Biya has been indifferent to those calls. Many EU countries have already allied with the United States and Canada on how the Southern Cameroons crisis could be addressed. America’s determination and its ability to mobilize other countries, including some of Cameroons neighbours like Equatorial Guinea has still not yielded the required result.

The last few days have witnessed massive killings in many villages in Southern Cameroons. In the Bui, Manyu and Meme County Cameroon government troops have slaughtered more than 45 innocent civilians in a situation many observers say is unnecessary. In Bali, Esu and Jakiri and Wum army soldiers reportedly beheaded unarmed civilians. The killings have intensified over the last couple of days as the regime suspects that international pressure may increase over the sentencing of the Ambazonia leaders.  Cameroon government army soldiers have also been burning homes, destroying food crops and stealing cattle.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with files from Rita Akana and Sama Ernest